More than two weeks late, the winner of the ass euphemism contest.  The winner had some excellent reasoning, and he wrote well, as well.  And I like the celebration of the ass as sexual object rather than waste disposal station.  Bonus is that the winner has received a photo of MY ass.

An Ass by Any Other Name
Ode to an Orifice

I don’t have any cute or euphemistic names for a lady’s bottom. I don’t care what *you* want to call it. I just call it “paradise”. A nicely shaped ass stands on it’s own (or sits, as the case may be). It simply is.

OK, I occasionally call it a “bum”. Such a nice round word for something so nice and round.

I’ve always been an ass-man for as long as I can remember… back to my early experiences with porn as a teen. Anal scenes always had special allure. Was it that is was somehow raunchier or dirtier? Or was it a simple appreciation of the perfection of smoothly curved buttocks with that inviting tight puckered orifice tucked between them? Both, I expect.

The ass is so much fun. Lightly running a hand over the swelling curve. Roughly grabbing & slapping. Nuzzling, kissing, and licking. Nibbling, nipping, and biting.

The hot, moist warmth found inside. The orgasmic clenching around a deep delving finger. The spasming under the attentions of probing tongue. And always within tongues reach of a hot, wet pussy. All so wonder and exciting.

Thank you so much.