[Another post from guest writer Dick Cramden.  He's prolific and shit.]

“Just stand there and let me look at you,” I said.  And you complied, perhaps a little embarrassed at how I loved drinking in the site of you.  “Don’t move.”

You stood perfectly still in the middle of my hotel room, at the foot of the king-sized bed.  Only your eyes moved as I walked around you, eyeing the shape of your body underneath your tight jeans and knit sweater.

I walked up behind you.  Took a deep breath of you into my lungs.  I ran my fingers up your scalp from the back of your head, slowly and firmly, toward the front.  You began to reach up with your hand.  “Don’t move,” I softly insisted.  And your hand returned to its resting place at your side.

I leaned in a little closer, still not letting my body touch yours, although you knew it was hungry to do so.  Softly I kissed the side of your neck.  Your head tilted slightly to the side, giving me the opportunity to kiss more of your neck.  I lightly traced a line to your ear with the tip of my tongue.  You smelled and tasted so wonderful.  Being in your presence aroused me.  Touching you thrilled me.

I reached around you, not quite hugging you, although I could sense you wanted me to hold you tight.  But I did not.  Instead I started to unbutton your jeans.  Instinctively your hands moved up, perhaps to assist me in my endeavor.  Again I told you, “Don’t move.”  Your hands relaxed again.

I undid your pants and slid them down over your hips.  I pushed them down until they were bundled about your ankles.  Then I ran my finger tips slowly and firmly up the sides of your legs, over your panty-clad waist, and under your sweater.  I saw from the motion of your breasts that your breathing was getting heavier.  Mine was too.

“I’ve waited a long time to have you here with me,” I said.  Then I added, “Raise your arms.”  Your arms went up.  And I slid your sweater up over your head, then tossed it neatly onto the chair near the bureau.

I walked around you again, drank in your sight even more deeply than before.  “Don’t move.”

I went to the bathroom for a moment, and returned with three candles.  I placed one on each night stand and one on top of the bureau, lighting each one as I set them down.  Then I switched off the lights.  Your body glowed in the candlelight.  A soft warm glow.

“Step out of your pants.”  It was a command, but sounded like a request.  You responded by sliding your feet out of your shoes, then kicking off each leg of your jeans.

Standing behind you again, I unclasp your bra.  Then with my hands, I slowly pushed the straps off your shoulders, one at a time.  I reached around in front of you and helped your bra slide off your arms.

I moved to stand in front of you and stared into your eyes.  I wanted nothing more than to envelop you with my arms and hold you tight.  But I didn’t.  Instead, I leaned forward, letting only my lips touch you, kissing you full on the mouth.  Our tongues met in a slow lingering kiss that seemed to last for ages.  You again raised your arms, and I broke the kiss.  Looking you in your eyes I again said, “Don’t move.”

I kissed you on your throat.  Slowly I started to kiss and nibble and lick my way downward.  Down your throat to your chest.  Down your chest to between your breasts.  Down from your breasts to your tummy.  I paused.  I looked up.  You were looking down at me.  Without taking my eyes from your eyes, I slie two fingers under the waistband of your panties, one on each side, and slowly began to pull them down.  I let them slide down slowly, so the fabric tickled your legs gently until they come to a rest over your feet.

[To be continued ….]