My pussy is throbbing from a proper fucking.

I placed an ad on Craig’s List under w4m looking for guys with big cocks. My ad indicated that I wanted guys who had big uncircumcised cocks, but would settle for circumcised cocks, so long as they were LARGE.

I had three respondents. Rather, I had three guys’ cocks in me as a result of that one ad: Bike 022109Messenger, Greek Guy, and Mr. RI.

Bike Messenger came over based on this photo of me. He said he’d been looking at it and couldn’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t fuck me. Which is, of course, flattering as fuck.  He came over, fucked me, and then left.  I had no fucking clue whether he qualified to respond to my ad because his cock never went in my hand or mouth, both easy ways to gauge size.  While my pussy is amazing, it is not equipped with accurate size sensors.

We fucked, but I swear to fucking god that I don’t remember his cock AT ALL.  I do recall that his back was covered with a tatto0-in-progress:  a scene the artwork of which was only black ink.  All of my tattoos are only black.

I didn’t hear from Bike Messenger again despite the fact that we had a decent fuck, a good chit-chat, and generally a pretty nice time.

I met Greek Guy at my favorite local dive bar.  Over a few drinks he revealed that he was a school teacher at a private elementary school, and that his parents also lived in his neighborhood, Potrero Hill.  After drinks we came to my house, where he revealed that not only was he Greek in heritage, but also in desires.  I assured him that I was not an adolescent boy and he assured me that his desires were for adult woman ass, not boy butt.

Greek Guy and I had really good sex.  He was uncircumcised, just like I like ‘em, but his foreskin did not retract all the way; his glans was never totally exposed.  This was only a “problem” when I was giving him a hand job or a blow job since I was used to being able to pull the foreskin all the way back so I could look at and taste yummy cock head.

True to his predilection, he treated my ass very well.  He licked, fingered, and finally put his nice thick cock into my ass.  Then my ass rode his cock until he shot his load.

Greek Guy and I stayed in contact for a while but we didn’t fuck again.  His schedule, and a burgeoning relationship, or some other bullshit prevented us from getting together.  I’m kind of disappointed about that one because we really did have a lot of fun.  Well, I had a lot of fun and he sure seemed to.

The third guy I fucked as a result of my Craig’s List hunt for huge cock was Mr. RI.  He was 24 and had just finished college in his home state of Rhode Island.  Isn’t that cute?  He even had his college fraternity tattoo on his arm.  Very typical white boy, which usually isn’t my type.

What is my type is gorgeous, heavy, thick, meaty cock, and he had it.  He also had a great body, but then who at 24 doesn’t?  I felt very lucky to be fucking a guy with a huge cock, a nice body, and a cute face.  And he could carry on a conversation.  I forgot that there were eleven years between us because he didn’t act like an idiot.

I think he liked that he was welcome to pound all my holes as hard as he wanted.  Apparently the college girls can’t handle that much dick.  I can.

We fell into a kind of routine:  He fucked me, hard, once a week.  I tried to change things up, because I had heard kids have short attention spans.  One week he fucked my pussy while I had a butt plug in my ass.  Another week he fucked my ass, which, due to the wonderful size of his tool, had to be warmed up with toys.  I bound his hands and blindfolded him so I could do whatever I wanted to him.  We took showers together, with me on my knees with cock in my mouth most of the time.  Pretty basic, but good, fucking.

He was gloriously uncircumcised.  I loved to get my tongue up under his foreskin when his cock was in my mouth.  And because his cock could take serious abuse I could pretty much gnaw on his foreskin.  So much fun.

His balls.  Thanks to Mr. RI I now love licking, nuzzling, sucking, and squeezing (gently, if desired) balls.  They are a whole lot of fun.

Rim jobs.  I like converting straight guys to the glories of rim jobs.  Mr. RI learned, thanks to me, that he really, really, quite a lot digs his asshole licked.  I love a straight guy who isn’t too uptight about his ass.  Ass licking feels damn good.  The zoned out look on a guy’s face when he’s getting his ass treated properly is truly beautiful.

Fast forward to August 13, 2009.  I placed an ad on Craig’s List.  I was NOT looking to get laid necessarily (more on that ad later, I promise), but the way CL CE ads work is that guys don’t even read them, just respond to them.  And I arbitrarily sent one of the respondents the same photo, above.

He recognized me.  Because it was Bike Messenger.  He came over and fucked me quite well.  His cock IS big.  And fun.  And this time it went in my hand and my mouth.  Yummy.  One of the great things I got to do last night was hand him the black box.

I have condoms all over my house.  In my bedroom I have condoms on either side of my bed.  On the passenger side of the bed I have two boxes, one black and one white.  The white box contains lube samples and regular-sized condoms.  The black box contains lube samples and large condoms.  I handed Bike Messenger the black box so he could make his selection.  That is why my pussy is throbbing from a proper fucking.

I swear.  True story.

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