This is my kind of party.  I’ve been to Kinky Salon and Club Kiss, sure, but I’ve certainly never seen anything like this at those parties.  However, I attended a party in a private residence that was a lot of fun.

The host of the party pre-interviewed every attendee.  He accepted only male/female couples or women from their 20s to 40 years of age.  At the interviews he told the potential guests that most of the people were straight but many of the women were “situationally bisexual” at his parties.  He prided himself on putting together a good party with people who had chemistry.

I arrived a little late, as the host lived out in the Richmond.  I was introduced to the other guests whom had already arrived.  There were a few couples and the host, and then me.  One couple was about my age.  The guy was hot and came across as cocky.  I would find out why months later at another party – he had a huge cock.  His woman didn’t say much.

Another couple was hippie-like.  They lived on a farm in Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County.  I had lived in Santa Rosa when I was a kid.  The woman was tiny and had hairy armpits.  She was like a little natural fairy.  She was the first one to bring out sex toys.  Her guy had a beard and long hair.  She was in her early 20s, he was in his mid-30s.  We talked about their age difference and how it meant nothing because they were working.  They seemed like a very happy couple.

One couple was older, well into their 40s.  They told us for her birthday they had engaged the services of a pro at a brothel in Nevada.  They said it was absolutely worth the thousands of dollars they spent and it was one of the best sexual experiences they had had.  She was very thin and quite sickly.  He was bigger and British, or Scottish, or something like that.  They were the first to go into the bedroom and begin to fuck.

There was a couple in their early 20s.  She was more experienced in these sorts of events than he.  He had a sweet, young face.  The kind of sweet and young boy face that makes me swoon.  She was the one who got the action started in the living room by going up to only the women and rubbing up on them while saying, in a sexy, breathy voice, “I just wanna make you feel good.”  I wanted her to make me feel really good.

We began to make out.  But we weren’t ready for an audience just yet, and the living room was very well lit.  She led me into the back bedroom.  We left the door open and we kept the lights off.  We went over to the bed.  She continued to rub me all over.  We continued to kiss.  It was fucking glorious.  Only I wished she had wanted me to touch her, but she wanted to devote all of her energy to making me feel good.  I liked it.

She whispered in my ear.  She asked me if it would be ok for her boyfriend to go down on me while she she played with my breasts.  Yeah, I think that’d be ok.  Very ok.  She went to get her boyfriend.  I rubbed my pussy over my clothes.  He came in.  He looked very shy.  I love me a shy boy.  It makes me feel dirty and pervy.  He and I kissed.  He was so hesitant – but he was doing it.  He was kissing me tentatively.

He talked to his girlfriend.  She told me that there was a change of plan, that he was going to continue to kiss me, and play with my tits, and she was going to go down on me.  That was fine with me.  Whatever these two wanted to do was fine with me.

By this time some of the other people joined us in the bedroom.  Our host turned on a string of red lights and some music.  I think it was Gotan Project.  The boy continued to be very needy.  He brought out something very maternal in me.  Kind of creepy, but being maternal turns me on sometimes.

Eventually the young couple left.  The hippies and I, along with the host, were on the bed.  We talked for a while.  The hippie chick pulled out her bag of toys.  She had a double dildo, and a strap-on harness with an average-sized cock in it.  I was not well-versed in harnesses.  I had worn one only once, for Israel, at that point in my life.  I asked her if she wore it.  I asked her what she did when she wore it.

She said she liked to fuck with it, and that she fucked her boyfriend’s ass with it.  Yes!  That was so fucking hot.

[To be continued ….]

I swear.  True story.