[Continued from "Jade (Part 1)."]

“We are together Jade, for the next few moments anyway…ok?” I suggested as I caught up to her. She looked at me blankly and then nodded in understanding and allowed me to do the talking regarding the situation.

I reached inside the open door and clutched her keys in my hand as I savored the scent of her lingering perfume. My mind imagined her driving with her knees partly open and the rich leather upholstery absorbing some of her sweet nectar.

After the tow guy left I felt my opportunity dwindle as I handed her the keys and watched her become suddenly anxious again.

“How can I thank you for this?” she cooed with innocent eyes letting me know that saying a few hours of hard fucking would be payment enough.


Just keep looking the way you do,” I replied in my most sincere gentlemanlike manner.

“Oh my!” She sighed as her nipples popped into hard-ons again and this time she didn’t do the arm cross to cover them.

“That was so sweet and you are such a gentleman,” she continued as she glanced around for a convenient reason to escape. It was obvious that she was not used to the bold approval of her charms and was becoming more in need of time to consider the intentions.

She saw me looking at her ring again and grinned a quick comment, “You like my diamond?”

“I was more thinking how it might hurt if it got into the wrong places,” I countered quickly as I imagined it slicing a gash across my balls.

“Oh my ….” She blushed and then turned. “I better get going on that one.”  

I laughed and she did too as we both let our thoughts stay in the same place for a few moments.

“Do you always come here at this time?” she quizzed quietly as she tossed her cup into the receptacle.

“Yes, usually here or the one over on harbor by the marina,” I replied.

“Oh wow, that one is right by my house. I go there in the afternoons sometimes,” she offered as almost an invitation.

“Maybe if I see you again I can buy you a coffee at least,” she continued as she stopped just long enough for my eyes to rest on her soft pillow lips.

“I will be down at the marina this afternoon around 3:00,” I told her as I dared her to give me another chance.

“Ummm, maybe,” she teased as she smiled at her conquest and hurried out to her car.

Her hips were not ladylike now. The flirt skirt was swaying and even when she slipped into the seat she let her hem ride up as if to give me one more moan for the road. She smiled and waved as she drove by me and it almost seemed her eyes dropped to where my hand was resting on my throbbing groin.

[To be continued ….]