[Continued from "Jade (Part 3)."]

“Yes, hon, we were just discussing how lovely you look today,” John offered as he reached and shook my hand. His dark eyes moved down to my lap and seemed to observe my already swollen interest in his wife.

“Oh, how sweet, you two,” Jade chirped as she slipped down into one of the chairs that John pulled out for her. He sat down too and as we spent a few awkward minutes with small talk.  Jade crossed her long sexy legs just in the right position for my eyes to begin dining on her full round thighs and the brim of her perfect ass.

“Would you like to join us for a drink over at our house?” Jade interrupted as she leaned forward a bit and touched my knee with her long slender fingers. “John has to finish his run then he will join us.  Please say yes,” she suggested with almost a pleading look in her green eyes.

“Um … yeah … sure,” I stammered as I nodded toward her and then toward John. I was surprised that he didn’t say something to discourage it after my comments, but he seemed to be fine.

“You can follow me over if you want,” Jade offered as she stood up and stretched just enough to make her tits stick out even further. She moaned softly and then looked at John and whispered, “I need a massage later … or something.” 

John smiled and nodded in agreement and then said he would see me at the house in a few minutes. He walked her to her car and as I waited to follow her I observed them grinning and glancing toward me a couple of times. I was hoping he wasn’t telling her what I had said, and was quite sure he wasn’t by her innocent glances.

* * *

“Have a seat and I will be right back down.  I want to change into something more comfortable and then I will make you a drink,” Jade offered as she stood at the base of the stairs and gave me time to enjoy more of her sensual charms. She turned and started up the stairs and then stopped and glanced back at me just in time to see me ogling her sexy ass and thighs.

“I doubt that I will let you drink what you told John you wanted to taste, but we do have some real good bourbon and scotch if that will be ok.” 

I was dumbfounded and lost my ability to speak. Was she saying what I thought she was saying? I wanted to ask. I wanted to hide. I wanted to ….

“Huh?” I managed to answer slyly.

“You know, when you said you would do something to taste something,” she teased as she turned again and started back up the stairs, her sexy hips now swinging even more wickedly as if she was fully aware of what she was doing to me.

“Um … I,” I stammered as I felt my cock bounce in my slacks and as she turned and glanced back with that sly smile, I watched her eyes slip down over my groin like warm sensual fingers.

“I thought it was sweet. Relax. Well … if you can,” she teased further as she nodded toward my hardness.

Long moments went by and I did my best to adjust my cock into some hidden posture as I glanced around the room. There were several photos of the couple here and there and there were some of her by herself at the beach and other places where a swimsuit was appropriate. As I was looking at her sexy tan body in the photos I almost imagined myself masturbating right there. She was instant hard cock and the photos of her were enough to make me wish she would be gone long enough to allow me to drain a few quarts of cum.

“There, that is better,” she beamed as she came back down stairs in a pair of short white shorts and a short t-shirt that just barely covered her luscious mounds. She was braless now and the tan bottoms of her tits were swaying under the white cotton fabric as she came down the stairs. From where I stood I swear I could see edges of nipples as she stepped.

“I would not wear anything at all if I could get by with it,” she suggested as she walked over to the bar and moved some glasses around. I could see her eyes in the mirror as she watched me devouring her ass and legs with my glance. I even reached and adjusted my cock in my jeans fully aware that she was looking at the reflection.

[To be continued.  It's getting good, isn't it?]