[Another submission from a guest writer.  Kind of written in a noir-esque style.]

The Starbucks umbrellas were in the down position like a pair of hard cocks sticking up into the soft warm afternoon. Parking lot pretties were legging around between lattes and sales at some of the more ritzy shops around the suburban Beemerville Mall. Which was only slanged as such due to the amount of German tin that lined the stalls like prayer beads on a nun’s rosary.

I had seen her a few times as she swayed her gift bags across the parking lot. A rack of tits that made enough shade to hide my erection any time.  A round, sweet heart-shaped ass that made her skirts dance to the erotic rhythm of her striding.  Usually bare thighs.

She looked 30ish but I suspected more 40s since her poise was mature and not the typical scatterbrained fuck-me-because-I’m-pretty.  As usual, she was on her cell when she opened her car door.  Fortunately for me, she was parked in that perfect spot where as she stepped out with one leg, I got to view some thigh and as my eyes hurried a prayer that she would forget to be a lady as she exited, I found myself wondering those typical man wonderings about how she might be in bed.

She was involved in discussion and sat for long lovely minutes as I ogled her sculpted dancer calf and subtle sculpted knee and the tan temptation of just enough thigh to make me adjust my package.

I imagined her married to money and being that trophy wife that made every man stare.  I could see her at dinner with her heavy breasts peeking from her neckline and some dark-skinned young waiter throbbing in his slacks wanting to bury his face in her bosom. I could imagine her in short see-through lingerie too, pouncing on her hubby’s hard cock and using it like a dildo until his foreskin was worn smooth and sore.

Her smile was proper and distant as she walked closer. She had that “I see you but don’t see you” kind of nod as her perfume unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

Her eyes were deep green like jade with secrets and as I glanced at the other males sitting around, I noticed that they were gang banging her at random in their minds and the obvious bulges of man meat would have been noticeable to her if she had bothered to looked.

Healing of a lust ache happens in strange ways and at strange times. I was midway through a whispered “oh fuck me” moan when she uttered her unintentional greeting.

“Oh shit, damn” and quickly her body was sailing away from me in a angry jaunty stride that made me wonder if she had read my mind.

She walked back to her car and looked in the drivers window just before stomping her foot and pushing her hands onto her hips.  A quick look around and then a noticeable pout appeared on that sexy “suck your cock” mouth as she turned again and walked wickedly angry back toward me.

She met my eyes this time. More of a fearful and embarrassed glance but somehow pleading for salvation which I was alert enough to offer before other willing wolves could respond.

“Locked your keys in the car?” I suggested slyly as I let my eyes slip up and down over her tits and then down the front of her dress as if trying to find a way under and inside.

“Yes, damn” she pouted as she gave me just enough time to slip a tongue tip solution into her panic.

“Relax, I can help you … grab your coffee or whatever and it will be unlocked before you are done drinking it,” I offered as I stood and opened the bistro door for her.

“Umm how, I can’t … ummm really? She stammered softly as she became quickly obedient but still with noticeable caution in her eyes.

She glanced my way several times as she was waiting for her drink to be blended. I spoke to the Triple A lady in expert terms and explained how I was driving a friend’s car and had left my keys inside. I gave the location and plate number while staring at the soft round “fuck me doggy style” bottom of the owner.

As she walked back up to me, my eyes went to her breasts again and this time the lights were on enough to make her cross one arm over them. She seemed to feel my thoughts and as she waited for some assurances regarding her plight.  She seemed instantly approachable. Just a woman who feels good being a woman … perhaps … and then that ring on her finger that said she was a possession, at least partly.  The diamond would hurt anywhere it got too close to so my mental image of her handling my cock while she mouthed it into submission soon subsided.

I had just found out her name, Jade, and shared mine with her and had witnessed those goddess limbs as they crossed snugly together in front of me, when the tow guy arrived. I almost cursed him under my breath as she jumped up and started out in his direction.

[To be continued ….]