[Continued from "Jade (Part 2)."]

I guess it was that little grin from across the parking lot that made me get my hopes up that the afternoon was going to be special. She had changed for our afternoon meeting.

She was wearing a little pale blue number that just barely swallowed those D-sized melons of hers and the shorts were just short enough to make me want to beg her to lean over and get something out of her car. She held up her keys to show me that she had them as she closed the door and started toward where I was sitting. 

Her heavy breasts were supported in a sports bra I assumed, but still swung in tempting come-fuck-me motion. I glanced around at the other men who were close by and grinned to myself as I watched each of them bobbing his head to the rhythm of her tits and hips. I could even hear a couple of them whisper, “Damn, I would love to fuck her,” under their breath … or maybe it was just me talking to myself.

As she was almost to where I was sitting, a man in basketball shorts motioned to her from the side and she smiled at him as he walked along beside her. They seemed to be sharing some chitchat as they walked and I was thinking he was probably eyeing her tits like the rest of us were. They stopped at the curb for a few moments and continued talking before she stepped off in another direction toward the mail box that was by one of the kiosks.

The man walked over toward me and then turned to watch her swaying hips and seductive fuckable thighs as she walked away. He shook his head and then looked at me with a wide grin as if he knew what I was thinking.

“Damn,” he muttered as she looked back at her ass again and then back at me with a sheepish smile.

“Built for fucking,” I offered boldly as I let my eyes fill with her curves too.

“Nice,” he replied as he nodded in agreement. “I have not heard that expression before … but it sure does fit … I guess … what does it mean exactly?” he quizzed as he pressed his hands onto the back of the chair across from me and flexed his tan triceps into a rigid bulge.

“Just how she looks … the tits … the ass … the thighs … the lips and eyes …. Everything about her would make a man want to fuck the shit out of her,” I continued with somewhat of a vulgar shrug.

“Oh yes … I can see that,” he continued as she glanced around at the others sitting in the proximity. “So you think the other men think that way too?” he quizzed as he began wiggling his foot back and forth as if to keep his basketball shorts from clinging to an obviously semi-hard cock.

“Hell, they would all love to fuck her, man,” I replied as I nodded toward the eyes that were aimed in her direction.

“She is wearing a big ring, looks like she is married, or at least taken …. Would you still want to fuck her?” he continued with that boyish grin.

“Hell, I would suck her hubby’s cock just to taste her pussy on it,” I bragged wickedly in reply as I blew off the married obstacle quickly.

“Damn … that is hot,” he replied as he blushed into deep red and then grinned even wider.

She was coming toward us now and I was hoping that the talker would hurry up and leave so I could have a chance to continue the conversation with Jade from earlier.

Just as she walked up she smiled wickedly wide at me and her swollen mountains of breasts flesh were ignited into nice erect nipples that cast suckable shadows over her shirt.

“Baby, this is the nice man that helped me with the car. David, this is my husband John,” she chirped as she motioned back and forth and then looked at me with a puzzled expression as she watched my face turn red.

[To be continued ….]