[Continued from "Jade (Part 4)." ]

“Oh my,” she whispered softly as she turned and looked right at my groin and then up at my face. “I need to get some ice. Would you help me?” she cooed softly as she motioned for me to follow her to the kitchen.

“Sure,” I obliged as I walked behind her shapely bottom and then held the bucket for her while she scooped cubes from the ice maker into it. The cold of the freezer made her nipples jut out like cocks and almost instantly she shivered and then shrugged.

“My boobs hate to be cold,” she offered as she pressed her arms down to cover the jutting ends.

“They sure look like they enjoy it to me,” I stammered wickedly in reply as I looked fully at her hard nipples and then up at her eyes.

“You and J, that is all you men think about isn’t it?” she teased as she turned and started back toward the living room.

“Um, yeah I guess,” I apologized as I followed her back to the bar.

“Um … did you mean what you said to John?” she prodded as she looked down at the goblet and placed some cubes inside it.

“What is that, Jade?” I questioned as I became very nervous about what she had been told.

“Um, about sucking him to taste me,” she blushed boldly as if she couldn’t believe she had said it out loud.

I stood for long moments trying to figure out if I should lie and say no or act like I didn’t know what she was talking about, or just admit it and probably be asked to leave. Finally I just decided to let it all hang out and replied softly, “Yes, Jade, I did say I would suck his cock just to taste you on it.”

“Oh my. That is sooooo naughty. Oh my,” she sighed as her tit ends popped out even harder in reaction. She handed me the drink and then motioned for me to sit on the sofa across from her.

“So you enjoy the taste of a woman that much?” she continued as she crossed her legs tightly as if to keep her lady cock from throbbing.

“Usually yes. In your case, Jade, I can only imagine,” I replied boldly as I looked her in the eyes and then moved my gaze downward to her swollen breasts.

“Oh my … tell me more,” she moaned as she scooted closer and looked me in the eyes with a new hunger that I had not planned on seeing.

Sitting beside her as she let the short t-shirt slip up just enough for the pale pink of a nipple to show, I felt my cock growing even harder. I crossed my legs to maintain some poise since I figured her hubby would be home at any minute. I didn’t want to have to explain it to him even though I knew he was well aware of my desire for his wife.

I began talking about how when a woman comes she creates a sweet syrup that has such a sexy flavor and texture. I confided that even though I loved fucking, I really enjoyed performing orally more because of that almost-whiskey addicting reward.

Her nipples were like lug nuts now. The shirt barely covered them and she was crossing and uncrossing her legs as I spoke. Her eyes were glassy and seemed to be transfixed off in some distant place as she listened. 

”Mmmmmmmmm … I wish John loved oral that much. He likes it but he only does it at the beginning and then seems anxious for everything to be over with after he’s done,” she pouted almost as if she was asking for me to explain his actions.

“I guess it takes a craving for such things,” I offered softly as I tried not to get into a husband-bashing opportunity.

“So you have thought about me that way?” she asked quietly as she blushed and squirmed again on the sofa.

[There's more, of course.  So good.]