I taught acting and musical theater for in Korea for three years. Mostly to kids, but one of my classes, twice a week, was an adult class for Koreans – mostly in their mid-twenties – who spoke various degrees of English. It was the first week of December and I was going to take my class of five out to dinner and drinks after class. That same day, two new students – a guy and a girl – signed up for the class.  They were friends, but not too close.  The girl spoke more English than the guy; both were talented, had good voices, and looked like they could be cast in soap operas.

After class, we all walked to the local Korean BBQ restaurant; the two new students had been invited to join. Along the way, I started chatting up the new girl, whom, I was starting to realize, had a pretty large rack under that tight sweater of hers.  She revealed to me that she LOVED to drink soju, and got drunk every night.

And, low and behold, by then end of the night, we were all drunk and ready to go.  The group went its separate ways.  I asked the girl if I could walk her to the bus stop. She said, “Absolutely,” (well, “Absorutetry,”) and we walked to the nearest one. It was cold and rainy, and as we faced each other, I asked if I could keep her warm.  She said ok and I slipped my hands around her, under her sweater in the back, feeling her soft skin and her bra. Boldly, as I talked to her about random shit, my hands slowly moved from under her shirt in the back, to under her shirt in the front. I started squeezing her breasts, neither one acknowledging what I was doing until finally, I grabbed her and kissed her.

As we kissed, her hips kept grinding against mine. I knew the people around at the bus stop were starting to watch. I whispered in her ear, “Let’s go somewhere private,” but all she could do was moan her affirmation and nod her head while she kissed me.  I pulled her by the hand and we went back to the main street. I knew exactly where we were going. I took her to Black Angus, which was below street level and had stairs leading down to the entrance.

We walked down the stairs and sat on a bench in front of the closed Black Angus.  People above on the street were still walking and talking, with us in a dark corner, just steps away. I sat on the bench, unzipped my pants, pulled it out and she pulled her pants down.  She turned around and sat on my lap with her back to me.  As I slipped inside her, she bounced up and down on my cock, moaning as she rode me.

A picked her up and put her on the bench, kneeling in front of me.  I stood behind her.  I took her hair in my hand and gave her ass a few nice slaps and started pounding her from behind.  She moaned and took it and didn’t mind as I pushed her face into the wall, her cheek pressed up against it as I kept nailing her.

Since we hadn’t had the foresight to use protection, when it was time to cum, there was nothing else to do, but pull out and finish on her face.

I took her back to the bus stop, sent her home and went back to my apartment for a well-deserved night of sleep.