Sex with 26yo is too fucking good.  And I want to look at him and touch him all the time.  Which I know means my body is telling my mind to be into him.  I could look at his mouth forever.  Only I can’t.  I have to look away because it’s so fucking beautiful.  Yeah, not the way to feel about some guy I’m just fucking.

And I like talking to him too, which is more trouble.  And I want him to fuck other women if he wants.  Actually, I want him to tell me about fucking other women.

My pussy feels so deliciously fucked.  I love riding his cock.  Today he was going to fist me from behind while I was on my hands and knees but we got distracted.  His cock feels so good in me.

It’s so cool to look down between my legs and see him with a big grin on his face.  He has the sexy wonky tooth I love too, so he has one of those goofy smiles that tries to hide it.

Great kisser too.  I kind of wasn’t feeling it until he kissed me.  And then I kept thinking, “I’m gonna get fucked” and it made me so happy.

So I’m in a good mood and I get a call from a friend who’s really shitty right now.  I’m trying to be supportive and say what he wants to hear while still being honest.  Then he tried doing some finger-pointing at me.  But I just got fucked really well so I can’t get angry.  Good sex really does release endorphins.

I feel most myself when I’m having sex.  And with 26yo I can admit everything I like.  Cause we like some of the same things.  But now I don’t know if I want to fuck others with him.  Actually looking at him with a contended look on his face while getting pounded by a few guys sounds kinda nice.  Yes, I can feel it in my pussy when I think about it.  But defintiely looking at that beautiful face.