[Continued from "The Day of Fuck (Cock No. 4)."]

In 24 hours I fucked four different guys, individually.  Three of them I fucked in my neighbor’s apartment.  I told a friend this and she freaked out.  She said that if she found out someone else had fucked on her bed she would be livid.  Clearly, I don’t share this sentiment.  I don’t care who fucks on my bed.  I don’t like finding hair, used condoms, and other evidence, but that’s because I find that rude – clean up after yourselves, people.

I cleaned up after myself.  My neighbors have no reason to suspect I did anything in their bedroom, much less their bed.  I removed from the premises any used condoms.  I washed all the bedding and remade the bed.  They’re none the wiser.  And she wouldn’t mind anyway.  She likes hearing the stories of my exploits.  He would probably be pissed.

Three of the four cocks were Geminis.  I, too, am a Gemini.  I get along well with Geminis, obviously.

The Day of Fuck began and ended with the ‘Mate.  The ‘Mate, who is quite understanding of my need for a lot of cock.

My pussy took some time time to recover from the Day of Fuck, which really is a shame, as I had gotten used to daily fucks.  It was also a shame that I had to keep my pants on when I had a threesome with a lovely couple from Washington, D.C., the following Sunday.  The three of us still had fun, as there was one cock and one pussy and three mouths available for action, but it would have been a whole different threesome if my pussy were available.

The threesome was a shit ton of fun.  The guy of the couple had originally contacted me through OkCupid.  He said he and his girlfriend were to be in San Francisco and they’d like to spend an evening with a local lady.  Great.  I like fucking tourists.  I’m like a fuck ambassador.  A fuck welcoming committee of one?  Anyway, we agreed to meet at Rye.  There, we each had a drink and chit-chatted.

He had a thick Italian accent, she was a redhead.  They had gone to Alcatraz that day, which was unusually sunny and nice.  She had a severe sunburn on her chest to prove it.  After a round of drinks we stopped in a liquor store for a bottle of wine and then we went to Shalimar.  Shalimar has some good fucking food.  And it’s cheap.  We polished off the wine and the food and then walked to their hotel.

Hotel Vertigo is hip.  Their room was cozy but very smartly decorated; the bases of the bedside lamps were horse heads.  We chatted some more.  And then I’m not sure how things got started, but they did.

I went down on her while he watched.  Her clit liked my tongue’s ministrations, and she soon came.  She had a nice, squeezable, juicy ass that I grabbed while I lapped at her clit.

Then I watched them fuck.  While they were fucking I pulled her hair a bit.  She seemed to like it.  I checked in with her; she seemed to really like it.  Then I slapped her face.  I checked in with her again; I didn’t want to go too far.  She liked getting slapped on the face while his cock was pounding her pussy.  Oooh, fun!  Slapping a girl’s face is up pretty high on my list of sexy/dirty things to do.

She and I sucked his cock.  Mostly her.  It was her who said intact cocks are like puzzles.  I was pretty much directing the action.  I told them I wanted him to come on her face.  She looked very happy at that prospect.  While she sucked his cock some more my tongue once again found its way to her pussy.  I really need more pussy in my life because they are fun to lick.

He came on her face.  I missed the money shot because my face was in her pussy, but she looked lovely with come on her face moments later when I came up for air.  She had come, he had come, I wasn’t going to come, so our night was over.

They offered me taxi fare but I opted for the bus.  It was a lovely warm night and I ended up walking a lot farther than I anticipated in pursuit of a bus that was running that late.  No matter, I made it home safely.

My pussy soon recovered and I was back to the vigorous fucking I like so much.  The hard fucking that my pussy needs.

I swear.  True story.