I want to be fucked with a gun.  A hand gun.

I finally met Army Guy.  He is amazing.  So fucking cute.  Good fuck.  I like fucking guys who are cheating on their wives/girlfriends so long as they don’t talk about them.  Army Guy has a cute Southern twang when he drinks.

He was here just one night.  We went out to dinner at Weird Fish where he didn’t feel comfortable sitting with his back to the door.  Normally I don’t like to sit with my back to the door, but only because I like to people watch.  He, on the other hand, had legitimate reasons for being nervous considering the three tours of duty he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We went back to his hotel where the hotel bar claimed to be closing.  I think they could see that we’d had plenty to drink and didn’t want to serve us any more.  We went up to his room and raided the honor bar.

Army Guy was in the Army.  He also grew up in Alabama where he hunted and such.  Army Guy is very comfortable with guns.  He had a gun with him.

He showed me his gun.  He let me hold his gun.  They’re heavier than they look.

He told me to pull the trigger.  I completely trusted Army Guy to be safe with guns and knew he wouldn’t have let me hold a loaded gun.  I pulled the trigger.  It really did feel amazing.

It turned me the fuck on.  I’m a very liberal California girl who really doesn’t see any reason why people need to own guns.  No, I’ve not seen Bowling for Columbine.  (I can’t stand Michael Moore purely because of his fatness and ugliness; he needs to stay behind the camera.)

Nonetheless, I was fucking turned on holding the gun and pulling the trigger.  And that Army Guy knew how to handle a gun was a huge turn-on too.

I have never seen any sort of gun porn.  In general guns scare the shit out of me and I think NRA zealots are idiot assholes, but I could not help but be turned on.

We fucked with the gun next to us.  I asked him to fuck me with the gun, but I think he didn’t fully understand what I wanted.  I wanted to be fucked with the gun.

I couldn’t help it – getting fucked by a gun seemed so fucking wrong, which of course made me want to do it.

I really wish I’d had a bit less to drink on the one night Army Guy and I were together.  I don’t remember much but I remember him fisting me.  And I unfortunately remember me apologizing for every fucking thing.

I apologized for being too fat and unattractive and shitty in bed and everything else.  Vodka can tend to make me a bit of a sad sack.  Combined with that, Army Guy and I had had two years of build-up, and I felt like I was disappointing him by not being hotter.  No, that’s not sexy, and I hate being like that.

We spent the night in his hotel and then went to breakfast.  I wish I could have spent the day with him but I had to go work on a porn set.  We talked on the phone later.  He assured me he had a nice time and said he could tell I enjoy sucking cock.  Well, that’s good.

I swear.  True story

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