9:37 pm

Tried calling Erica but she’s not home and Shannon’s mom said to try Amy’s.  But Amy’s not home either.  So I wonder where they are – probably went to see Juree.  At least with both of them there Erica won’t do anything with Juree.  At least I hope not.  Today in the darkroom we sandwiched each other.  When Amy was in the middle, Erica and I kissed over her shoulder and when I was in the middle they probably did.  Maybe not though.  Amy did bite my neck though.  I told Shannon to promise not to drive down there so Amy probably did.  I hope Amy didn’t tell her parents she was over here ’cause I totally ruined her alibi.  Oh well.  Erica told me about some lame dream she had when she was screwing around with Amy and I was watching wanting them to hurry up.  Well, I just don’t know what to think.  So I am just a geek who’s hopelessly devoted to a jerk who only says she cares about me.  She plays stupid games and I’m really, really tired of it.

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