My favorite, and closest, dive bar is about two blocks away.  It’s often where I meet guys in person for the first time.  As I meet a lot of guys in person for the first time, I’ve been there quite a bit.

I’ve noticed a regular who makes me want to lick him all over.  He’s so hot I can even get past that big, mountain-man-style full beard.  Because of that beard I’m not really sure what’s gong on with his mouth, and I am most definitely a mouth person.  I notice someone’s lips and teeth well before their eyes even register for me, usually.

But with this guy I’ve noticed he has nice light eyes.  I say light because I suspect his eyes are blue, but don’t want to make the assumption that many make with me.  My eyes are green, but people assume they are blue.  Since I’m not an eye person, I don’t really care that much, but others seem to think eyes are so fucking important.

He has short hair on his head.  He has a lot of tattoos.  Every time I’ve noticed him he’s been wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt.  Which is how I know he’s got a nice thin, hard body.  That I want to lick.

He smokes so I get to watch him walk between his seat at the bar and the front door.  When I’m feeling particularly dirty I like to kiss someone with cigarette breath, though because of that beard I may opt to not kiss him at all (in my fantasy, that is).

I want to follow him into the bathroom vestibule and wait for him.  Then, when he comes out of the men’s room he’ll see me and know.  Know that I’m there for him.  Without saying a word he’ll go into the women’s room.  I’ll follow him in and lock the door.

He’ll stand and pull out his cock.  It will be nice and thick and strong and hard.  His pubic hair will be trim like the hair on his head, not bushy like the hair on his face.  There will be precome coming out of his urethra.  A lot of it.

I will bend down at the waist to catch the precome before it’s wasted on the dirty bathroom floor.  Yum.  He frees his whole cock from his pants and pulls them down to rest on his hips.  He pulls up his t-shirt a bit.  I see a nice hard, flat stomach complete with sinewy muscles and jutting hip bones.

I drop to my knees with a smile on my face.  I close my eyes and open my mouth.  He smells good and his cock fits nicely into my mouth.  I slide my mouth up and down his cock.  My mouth gets wet the more his cock shoves into and out of it.

I’ll try to deepthroat his cock, but chances are I’ll not be able to because of the logistics in the small bathroom.  I do my best deepthroating when I can hang my head off a bed, or in the 69 position to the side (i.e., kneeling next to the guy’s torso without actually getting my pussy attended to; 69 distracts me too much).

But I will suck and lick and drool with his hand on the top of my head, guiding me.  I will feel his cock throb and know he’s going to shoot his load in my mouth.  It will be bitter because he drinks and smokes, and I will like it and swallow it all.

He’ll put his pretty cock away, button up, and leave the bathroom.  I’ll go back out to the bar where a fresh vodka soda is waiting for me.  We will continue ignore each other.

I swear.  True (fantasy) story.

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