[This is another submission from a guest writer, @wickedmind on Twitter.]

We are still in the hotel, we drifted of in a solid sleep after yesterday’s ordeal.

You wake up … only to find you can’t move.

Your hands and legs are immobilized and when you open your eyes it’s pitch black darkness.

You panic.  You struggle in your binds.  You scream you’ve had enough.

But nothing else than utter silence remains.

You wonder what’s next as you call my name.  How I love to hear it come from you with that hint of distress in it.

I leave you there on the bed as you hear me (is it me?) rumbling through the room.

An occasional tug on your restraints tell me you have not quite accepted this new situation.

I untie one leg to bind your calf to your thigh.  You struggle.  Ah, you’ve regained some strength.

But only to find that resistance is futile as the other leg experiences the same treatment.

You call my name again and again, asking me what I am doing.

But silence is the answer.

My hands glide over your thighs, to stop right before your pussy.

You really can’t move, other than wiggle your nice behind, but I am in total control now.

Then you feel something soft trace the lines and curves of your body, paying extra attention to your nipples.

They stand erect like nothing else in the world.  The soft thing traces down your belly and starts to brush along your pussy.

The tickling sends jolts of sensations through your body.

You sigh, you fight your restraints.

Ah the beautiful sight of you on display like this gives me a raging hard-on.

I decide to stop playing on your sensory overload.  Suddenly you feel movement next to your head.

Your face turning towards the movement, then you feel a warm thick cock enter your mouth.

And with one gentle but unstoppable thrust it goes in till you feel balls against your face.

Thus begins a silent facefuck.  You can do nothing else but let yourself being used like this.

You feel the cock relentlessly entering and exiting your mouth and throat.

As all of a sudden it stops, you hear a moan and a warm fluid is all over your face.  You try to get some with your tongue as you feel a finger helping you to scoop it in.

Than you hear a whack.  You say no, not that!

But the way your pussy is betraying you.  You must be ashamed for being such a slut.  There is a wet spot on the blankets already from leaking fluids.

You feel soft taps on your thighs.  The taps have a pattern slightly harder each time they hit target and each time a bit more closer to your labia.

You try to escape it with every hit. If you could only see my grin.

Spread wide unable to move cum on your face mmmmmmm.

Then the tapping goes to your tits.  I hear you say ouch when a hit lands directly on the nipple that is invitingly erect.

Only to feel the pain softened with a kiss.  But those do not feel like mine!

Then a slap straight on your pussy.  OUCH!  Again softened by a soft kiss.

You want to ask what is going on but you feel something over your face.

A person.  There are legs on each side of your head.  I see your body tremble.

Then you feel two hands straighten your face and something soft and wet is touching your lips.

Again a slap on your pussy and as you try to release a sound you feel a pussy being pushed on your cumdrenched face.

You have no choice and you have to taste the musklike fluid now leaving its taste on your tongue.

You pussy is leaking more and more as you feel a finger entering your cunt.

Your clit is rubbed by another as you have no other option than to follow the directions given by a soft female voice:  “Lick me.”

You hear sloppy noises from the lower side of your body as a dildo is being put in your ass.

Then you hear a knock on the door.

You hear the door being opened and closed.

Who is it you mumble while licking that pussy.

You hear a belt come loose, a zipper unzip and clothes being taken off.

Now you panic again and say something about not wanting this.

But as I said, you’re in MY control.  A slap on your face brings you back to your task of servicing the pussy presented to you.

All of a sudden you feel a cock enter your pussy and it isn’t mine but it sure does feel familiar.

You hear a Polaroid take pictures.

No, no, pictures.  NO!

But the ravaging on your body continues and the sensory overload is now building an orgasm in your body.

You feel the female body on top of you shake and with an extra flicker of your tongue you feel the liquids pouring from her twat into your mouth.

Meanwhile, the cock still is pounding you.

She leaves your body and your tits are being caressed.  And again a cock!  At your face!

Now you’ll have every hole filled in your body.

And the pace is picked up you have an orgasm like never before while bound and filled to the brim.

You scream like the room is on fire.  Then you feel the two cocks are thickening and the both pull out.

Only to spray their cum allover your body.  The silence is deafening as you lie there and you hear clothes being picked up and the door open and close.

I untie you.

The blindfold is taken off.

And when your eyes are used to the light you see Polaroids laying all around.

On one you see how the maid is sitting her twat on your face and on the other you see how your hubby and I double team your hot body.

With the text written on them, “Enjoy, Hubby.”