Dream Journal: 6/1/11

I’m mad at my mother for moving me to Chicago where I have no friends or job prospects.  She’s smug.  Peggy is there and offers me a job on one of the Weenie Wagons.  It’s raining but warm. All doors are open.  Lawn sprinklers on timer so they’re going even though lawn is soaked.  Sprinkler’s broken.  I keep thinking how sorry I am for having had sex with my mother.  I call her a horrible person which finally angers her.  She turns into a rabbit which I easily trap under a laundry basket.  The whole time I have a horrible feeling that my life sucks.  I reach under the laundry basket.  My mother’s fingers come out but she’s still a bunny.  The bunny bites me and I slam it into the wall.  Outside the back door are a bunch of bugs.  I see my mom with Ruth which means the bunny wasn’t her.  Ruth is proud to show off that my mother now has scales and her back end is a biting reptile.  I keep thinking how truly horrible my life is and then it dawns on me that it might be a bad dream.  I tell myself to wake up.  I do.

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