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January 29, 1992: A Diary Entry (2)

honest to god think I’m obsessed w/sex got to thinking that eating ice cream is like really good sex only you don’t have to get in a relationship with the ice cream before you eat it now I’m thinking oh … Continue reading

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Slave Auditions, Part 4

[Continued from "Slave Auditions, Part 3."] It was a long, exhausting day of slave tryouts.  It was also a lot of fun.  So much fun that after Cutey left there was more fucking. We conducted all of our slave “business” … Continue reading

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Slave Auditions, Part 3

[Continued from "Slave Auditions, Part 2."] The next potential slave to arrive was young and sweet.  And had an incredible head of hair.  He was very young – just 19 years old.  Sugar claimed she liked older men almost exclusively … Continue reading

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Slave Auditions, Part 1

[Continued from "Ask for a Slave, Get a …."] Saturday came.  The Viking agreed to make brunch for Sugar and I.  He ate too; after all he’s not a slave.  He also agreed not to clean up a damn thing, … Continue reading

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Ask for a Slave, Get …

Sugar and I were talking about how much her mother and my step-mother were clean freaks.  Because we grew up in such environments we know what clean is but we certainly don’t want to do it ourselves.  As well, we … Continue reading

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House Slave Needed

We are two hot chicks who demand a sub to clean our house. Attention to detail is very important. You must do everything we tell you. We want to humiliate you; a ridiculous dick we can make fun of helps. … Continue reading

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