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Your Seat, Milady (1)

The Viking texted me that he had something for my sweet tooth.  My sweet tooth tends to rear its ugly head well after dinner, but before bed.  It’s the time I had dessert when I was a kid and it’s … Continue reading

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Dream Journal: 5/13/11

In a wooded suburb.  Strange shit keeps happening.  I’m suspected and the only way to prove my innocence is to catch the culprit. But it’s scary and dangerous.  [I woke up with my heart racing and felt very scared.  For … Continue reading

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It Seemed Promising (Part 4)

[Continued from "It Seemed Promising (Part 3)."] He was not only manhandling me, someone who had consented to it, but he was being mean to his dogs.  He argued that taking them out every 12 hours was sufficient.  I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Photo Lotto 1

Even erotic photos and photos I see on Instagram I like the ones that are good photos first, and interesting subjects second. This one I don’t actually find all that erotic.  Why did I pick it?  Because I blindly picked … Continue reading

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Not Helpful

I get a lot of messages from OkCupid letting me know that one of the nine pictured people has rated me highly.  The photo arrays tend to show people of similar ages and similar gender.  I’m sure the statistics-heavy folks … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, DJ

June 6 is DJ’s birthday.  June 6 is exactly one week after May 30, my birthday. I met DJ when I was eight.  She was one of many “lovers” my mother brought into my life between the time my mother … Continue reading

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Erythema Nodosum (Part 8)

[Continued from "Erythema Nodosum (Part 7)."] Very shortly after he left, I received a few Facebook messages from him.  First: Here yah gohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgfDgkMhXzs&feature=relatedI love wathcing race cars whats your fucking problem you have to insult someones passion So after saying … Continue reading

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