Shazam is a California girl who loved living in San Francisco where there were many, many sexy activities and people to keep her occupied when she wasn’t telling stories or writing.  She writes a mostly-sex blog, Random Rim Jobs, on which she posts absolutely every damn day (most of the time).  Shazam is thankful she was raised by a sex-positive feminist lesbian who taught her that it’s ok to love (and fuck) anyone, which she does as often as possible.

As of December 2010, Shazam lives in Chicago, Illinois.  She’s looking forward to these things called seasons and getting to know Chicago as intimately as she knows San Francisco.

Twitter:  ShazamInChicago

email:  [email protected]

3 Responses to About

  1. vixen says:

    loving what you got going, let me know if your interested in sexy world domination with me, or at least being part of some kind of SF co-op of sex blog, art, photo, sexy cash generator type situation.

  2. Dexefex says:

    Sooooo where’s your pics? I wanna see your face because you make wanna…

  3. ShazamSF says:

    If you follow me on Twitter (@ShazamSF) you can see my face. Also, you can see half my face if you’re reading this right now. And it is “Where are your pics” as “pics” is plural.

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