Alexa Di Carlo (Part 3)

[Continued from "Alexa Di Carlo (Part 2)." ]

My friend did fuck Matt.  She said he was a nice guy who was decent in bed, but that he couldn’t eat pussy for shit.  Of course we now know that “Matt” is actually Alexa, who is actually Thomas “Pat” Bohannan.

He described himself pretty well, if this is actually a photo of him.  Of course the description is a little wordy, which is my problem overall with Alexa’s writing on her blog.  That, and she didn’t know how to use a semi-colon.  At least that’s what I surmised from the evidence; she never used any semi-colons.

Also, her blog looked gross, with all the girly writing.  I guess when one is pretending to be a woman, one does what one thinks a woman would do.  And what’s up with calling herself a “real princess”?  Mr. Bohannan’s Alexa character was a caricature of a woman:  She had been getting Brazilian waxes since she was a teen; she seduced female classmates when she was in high school; she liked impact play, gang bangs, water sports, humiliation, anal sex, throat fucking; and of course she was bisexual.

I find it interesting that “she” was interested in her experience in getting paid to fuck.  On her blog she often related stories from others who saw her clients when she wasn’t able to do so.  Of course her clients were all Mr. Bohannan himself who was pumping the first-time escorts for information about their experiences so he, as she, could write more accurately about the escorting experience.

Alexa would also relate both sides of a story of an escort and a john.  I’m sure she really got the stories from the escorts, and then relayed his own story as the client.  Only Alexa would say she was relating the story second-hand.

My friend and “Matt” continued to communicate.  And my friend began to communicate better with me.  She hadn’t actually met Alexa, she had fucked someone who had fucked Alexa.  Oh, that’s way different.

Meeting someone in person and fucking someone who had fucked someone are two very different things.  I fucked someone who told me he fucked Carrie Otis (they both grew up in Marin County), but that does not mean I’ve met Carrie Otis.  I have never met Carrie Otis.

My friend never met Alexa.  However, according to Matt, who had fucked Alexa, she had a great ass.  I guess while you’re making up fictional characters you might as well give them attributes you admire.

My friend told me Matt was coming to town and he wanted to have a threesome with two girls.  Because Alexa’s rates were so high (this is one of the things she asserted all the time, that she was very expensive and had an exclusive clientele), he couldn’t afford her and another girl, but he could afford my friend and another girl.  She asked me if I wanted to join.

I like fucking, and I really don’t see any reason why fucking for money should be illegal.  But it is.  And I’m a lawyer.  I can get in more trouble than the average person should I be caught breaking the law.  Well, not more trouble, but I’d have more consequences that would include disciplinary action by the California State Bar.

But I like fucking so I told my friend that if she was in a pickle and couldn’t find anyone else that I’d be a sex volunteer.  There’s nothing wrong with giving it away for free.

I just got a text from M and his trip to SF has been delayed, I figured as much. ;(

That solved that problem.  Then Matt asked my friend if she was available for him to fly her out to Philadelphia, where he was going to be on business.  That one fell through, too.

I never met Alexa/Matt/Thomas, but I fucked someone who fucked her/him/him.

I swear.  True story.

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5 Responses to Alexa Di Carlo (Part 3)

  1. weird says:

    hey now,

    i never know about her/him before he was pushed out into the open, but i can say i am quite happy that he was exposed for the wack job he is. i am also hoping the state of delaware decides to remove him from his cushy position since he did lots of work other than emergency preparation and management while on the payroll of the state.

    on another note, i had a good chuckle about her/his lack of understanding of how to use a semi-colon. i think it is more interesting that you noticed that then the overall lack of knowledge on her/his part, but since you are a lawyer, and read and write like one, i am not all that surprised in the final end.

    keep writing…


  2. Anthony Kennerson says:

    I gotta hand it to this dude….he had everything planned. Right up to pumping the poor girls he met and fucked just so that he could maintain the house of cards called “Alexa diCarlo”.

    If there is such a thing as Karma, this fool will rot in hell for manipulating and mentally raping so many people.


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