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Peter Acworth (Part 1)

I fucked Peter Acworth.  Eh. Peter Acworth is the founder of Kink.com, and an overall interesting guy.  We met not from me pursuing him, but through OkCupid.  I told the story long ago in “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down” … Continue reading

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Foreskins are Fun

I will not bother going on another anti-circumcision rant, since you can read my last one, but I’ll just use this lovely photo as a jumping-off point. If you don’t like penises in their natural state then you probably haven’t … Continue reading

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The Day of Fuck (Cock No. 4)

[Continued from "The Day of Fuck (Cock No. 3)."] Cock No. 4 on the Day of Fuck was the Russian.  The Russian … has a very nice, very thick, very uncircumcised, very sexy cock.  The man attached to Cock No. … Continue reading

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Jade (Part 1)

[Another submission from a guest writer.  Kind of written in a noir-esque style.] The Starbucks umbrellas were in the down position like a pair of hard cocks sticking up into the soft warm afternoon. Parking lot pretties were legging around … Continue reading

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I don’t think I’ve hidden my love of the uncut cock.  I love all cock, but probably because stupid Americans often have ideas about circumcision or lack thereof based solely on urban myth or outdated ideas, I feel I should … Continue reading

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The Reproductive System of the Human Male

I’ve been learning a lot about penises this week.  Free classes at Good Vibrations will do that.  Makes me want to have all the fun parts in my mouth.  I like that this diagram is uncircumcised.  I want to slip … Continue reading

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I’m a Size Queen (Of Course)

My pussy is throbbing from a proper fucking. I placed an ad on Craig’s List under w4m looking for guys with big cocks. My ad indicated that I wanted guys who had big uncircumcised cocks, but would settle for circumcised … Continue reading

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