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Well, it was alright. Sat around with Cleo all day. She sure does make a lot of noise. Henry offered to take me out to dinner but I had already promised Laura and Deanna so I had to decline. So then Henry was going to meet us at the Brewer house at 11 but the fuckhead never showed up. Why does he have to be flakey [sic.]?  And the thing is I can’t really get mat at him – I’m not quite sure why.  But he did say something about taking me out tonight.  But not until late cause he has to practice with Duchess De Sade.  Laura and Deanna gave me pot – that was very nice cause I was out.  I have to wait to go to bed until my comforter dries ’cause I had to wash it ’cause Cleo has pooped on it twice today.  And now she’s scratching me and driving me crazy.  I think Henry got me a pipe.  Laura was gonna tell me but I like surprises.  I’m irritated.  Why does he have to be like this?  I better get taken out and get some action is all I can say.  Does he even like kissing me?  Does he even want to?  Thank god Cleo has calmed down.  Why do I let Henry have so much power over me?  Should I just tell him – lay it all on the line?  Fuck I don’t know.

[Continued from "Jade's Vacation (Part 4)."]

At first Jade was just taking. She was on her hands and knees with Teal licking between her thighs. She felt Teal’s fingers on her hard nipples and she felt her squeezing her tits, too. Jade loved having her tits kneaded and having her pussy licked at the same time; the combination always made her gush quickly. Now with a woman doing it, she couldn’t even breathe. She gasped and groaned as her pussy sprinkled gold. She was in a lust frenzy as she panted for her orgasm to overflow.

“AAAAAHHHHH,” she howled as Teal pushed a dainty fingertip into her snug anal accordion. She bucked wildly as the fingertip found its way inside her opening and began throbbing to the same tempo her cunt was getting tongue fucked.

The orgasm was so wet Teal nearly drowned as she guzzled hungrily. She flattened her tongue out and pressed Jade’s clit firmly as she vibrated her mouth on the heated button. More come gushed from Jade and she dipped her head down and buried her screams into Teal’s parted slot.

Teal’s clit was engorged; it was protruding and thick like one of Jade’s nipples. Jade began sucking it, nursing it, mouthing it, like it was a little cock. Bobbing her head up and down and feverishly licking and lapping and reaching inside Teal’s fuck tunnel, Jade gathered more of her come and reached deep to feel the cushion of Teal’s aching G spot.

As Jade polished the cushion inside Teal, she felt the convulsion coming in her body. Teal was writhing wildly now, squirming and nearly bouncing Jade off of the top of her. Jade grinned wickedly as she watched in the mirror. She saw the effect she was having on Teal by using her pussy this way, saw Jason’s hard meat being pumped by his strong hands, and saw her own come soaking Teal’s face and tits.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DAMN. FUCK, I LOVE TO COME!” she growled wickedly as if the virgin Jade had just been posessed by some cock- and cunt-hungry demon.

Jason grinned at that sound and rose up behind Jade and pressed his aching cock into the snug wetness of her simmering cunt. He felt Teal begin to lap his balls and tease his asshole too as she guzzled the frothing jizz from Jade.

As his load spewed inside Jade, Teal released her last orgasm into Jade’s hungry mouth. Jade delved Teal’s ass with her tongue and lapped every drop of the woman’s cum from her thighs. She released more of her own honey onto Jason’s prick and into Teal’s lips. She shivered and ached as she felt them both begin to subside from their aggressive actions.

As she glanced at her two spent lovers, Jade felt the tingling ache between her legs begin to burn like fire. She knew she needed more.  She wanted more.  She had to have more


As Jade stepped out onto the balcony she quickly looked down below for the other couple. To her pleasure they were there sitting nude and inviting. Jade reached into her frothing slit and gathered some of her blended sauce and let it drizzle down from her fingers onto the man’s nude cock below.

As he looked up and smiled, the woman leaned over and licked it off of his perking cock. Jade smiled as she saw the woman motion for her to join them.

“I will be back in a couple hours, guys,” she chirped as she slipped through the doorway toward the stairs.

“Teal, Jason loves to have his ass played with when you are sucking his cock,” she advised as she watched the puzzled look appear on Jason’s face. “And Jason, if you come in Teal anywhere … don’t let her clean up.  I will get it when I get back,” she continued as she cupped her fingers over her seeping slot to keep the rest of her treasured gathering inside until the other couple had a chance to sample it.

[That's the end.  This Jade chick seems pretty fun.]

I had a date with the Vet to go to the Make-Out Room for a monthly fund raising event for The Rumpus.  I wanted to go to see an acquaintance do a reading, and the Vet volunteered to be my patron.  Apparently when he checked out the event it looked good – to him and his wife.

He texted and asked if it was ok for his wife to come along.  Sure.  I’d never met her, but the Vet had talked about her enough that I certainly knew a few things about her.  She liked big cocks, and she was on a search for “the perfect cock.”  Also, she fucked someone I had fucked.  San Francisco is truly small.

It was the Vet who, from each of our descriptions, figured out that both his wife and I had fucked the same guy.  I wasn’t so sure, though, because he told me that she said he was a premature ejaculator.  My friend is no premature ejaculator.  But every other thing the Vet said about the guy sounded like my friend.

I asked my friend.  He assured me he did not ejaculate prematurely.  He said the sex wasn’t particularly hot, but they fucked for at least ten minutes.

When informed of my friend’s description of the fucking, the Vet’s wife laughed.  She said she wished it had been ten minutes of fucking.  She said he hadn’t bothered to take her to dinner when she said she was hungry.  That last part definitely sounded like him; he’s generally pretty cheap.

So I wanted to meet the woman who had an interesting encounter with a friend.  A friend, by the way, I’ve decided not to fuck again.  It wasn’t the discrepancy with Mrs. Vet’s story, it was so many other things.  For instance, he creeped out a girl I was fucking by staring at her, but only when I wasn’t in the room.  Also, I find his cheapness supremely unattractive.  He gets laid plenty anyway.

The Vet told me that not only would Mrs. Vet be going, but also her date.  They’re like that, fucking other people and all.

He called ahead and asked if we should meet at the Make-Out Room or if they could come in.  My place wasn’t too, too messy, and I had some vodka so I could offer them refreshments, so I told them to come in.

In my front door walked four people, the Vet, Mrs. Vet, Mrs. Vet’s date, and another woman.  Introductions were made all around and I went to work making drinks for my guests.  The Vet had been to my home before and wanted to show off my place to his friends.  He asked if he could take his wife’s date upstairs to the bedroom.

I thought it was a little odd, but then realized the Vet wanted to show Mrs. Vet’s date the Drawer O’ Sex.  Sure, no problem.  I’m glad to show off my pervyness, obviously.

The Vet returned from the bedroom with the njoy Pure Wand.  It was the Vet who introduced me to the Pure Wand.  He let me borrow his.  I loved it so much that the Viking bought me one for my birthday.  Mrs. Vet, for whom the Vet’s Pure Wand was intended, was apparently intimidated by it and didn’t miss it when it was in my possession.  When my Pure Wand was in front of her she looked scared.  She hefted its weight and showed it to everyone assembled.

With our conversation properly in the sexual realm and our drinks drunk, we made our way to the Make-Out Room.  The Vet got drinks while we got a table.  The place was packed so finding a place to stand next to a table was no small feat.  Mrs. Vet and her date started making out pretty much immediately.  I suppose it was appropriate considering the moniker of the venue.

The Vet introduced me to his friend, a woman he had met through OkCupid.  I had also met the Vet through OkCupid; that site is very good to him.  The woman was tall and British.  After just a bit of conversation I realized who she was.  She was the woman who had fucked an OkCupid guy who I had also fucked.  Other than the Vet, that is.

In our little group of three women and two men we had quite a few interesting fuck connections.  The Vet had fucked all three women.  I had fucked three men who had also fucked either Mrs. Vet or the Brit, or both.  Mrs. Vet had fucked both men (I assume).  The men hadn’t fucked each other and none women had fucked any of the other women.


[To be continued.]

I swear.  True story.

I’ve been going to what was then called Gay Day Parades since I was probably five or so.  My mother came out as a lesbian when I was four.  We then proceeded to go to “gay” events.  We went to pride parades and Equal Rights Amendment marches.  In my little brain, everything my mother took me to was “gay.”  At one ERA march someone asked me if I was for equal rights for women.  I said that no, I wasn’t into gay stuff.  Oops.  I was a kid, forgive me.

When I was a kid we lived in Santa Rosa and drove down to San Francisco for Gay Day Parades.  Santa Rosa suffers from being too close to San Francisco, and living in its shadow.  I learned this as a child when I had to take Greyhound buses between my mother’s in Santa Rosa, and my father’s in Redding (yes, you should feel sorry for me).  There were no direct routes between Santa Rosa and Redding because San Francisco was so close.  I usually went from Santa Rosa to Vallejo and then changed buses to go on to Redding.  I did this alone, and at the age of seven or eight.  These days parents barely let their kids out of their sight; I was alone on buses and in bus stations when I was under ten.

Once I changed buses in San Francisco.  That was the first time I saw a syringe in person.  It was on the street.  I was scared.  I must’ve told my mother how freaked I was, because I never again took a Greyhound through San Francisco.

Having lived in San Francisco for the last ten years, I’ve mostly avoided the Pride Celebrations because I know what’s going on and because crowds don’t do all that much for me.  But this year, with the prospect of moving away from San Francisco meant I should do the parade and other things that can only be done here.  (Though Chicago also had its Pride Celebration this weekend.)  Also, the Viking had never been to any Pride Parade.

Just before I moved away from Pasadena, back in January 1997, I went to the Tournament of Roses Parade.  I had lived in the San Gabriel Valley since 1990, and had done the parade route, along Colorado Boulevard, on a number of occasions.  The parade route thing meant walking around, people watching, drinking, and smoking pot, all between about 11pm and 4am.  By the time the parade came around I had usually walked home and crashed.  I would then watch the parade on tv.  However, with the prospect of moving away from Pasadena, I finally woke up early enough to attend a parade.  That was back when the Ex and I first got together so we were willing to wake up early for each other.  Also, he lived much closer to the Rose Parade route than did I at the time.

So with the Viking about to move from San Francisco, the putative gay capital of (at least) the US (if not the world), I figured it was my place to take him to the parade.  We got a ride with a friend who was to be in the parade, and then walked to the parade route, on Market Street.

We walked along the south side of Market Street, watching the parade.  Lots of local politicians.  Lots of animal-centric and -friendly organizations.  The Viking asked me what the deal was with all the animal stuff, and I explained that animal are like children to the gays.  I also pointed out that I was silly and obsessive about my animals, and that this is the kind of shit that happens when people don’t have kids.  Kind of like me with my animals.

On our walk we saw some interesting people.  We saw some families, including kids the age I was when I first began going to such parades, which I really appreciated.  We saw a shirtless blond guy wearing not only a belt and (rainbow) suspenders, but also a gas mask, because clearly he thought safety should be first.  He also had blond chest hair.  He was creepy enough that I requested the Viking and I move on, well away from him.  He wasn’t looking for conversation, for sure, but if I wanted to take a photo, I would have had to at least request such.

I decided I’d take no photos at the parade.  For the most part, the people who wanted to be seen, wanted to really be seen.  I have no interest taking pictures of people who want their pictures taken too much.

So, in the spirit of Pride 2010, I present my Gay Pride Lego people:

I love Lego. I love ‘em a lot. I also love – and find political and personally necessary – open gay pride.  I probably said this already, but I’d love, love, LOVE how open is San Francisco.  I know enough about Chicago to know that it, too, is a gay-friendly city.  I have no interest in living in a city that’s otherwise.

I swear.  True story.

Before the Dyke March, the Viking and I walked over to Dolores Park to ogle the ladies.  When we were on the way I texted my high school ex-girlfriend, Erica.  (You might recognize her name from my diary entries from the early 1990s.)  She had texted me the day before letting me know she’d be in town for LGBT Pride.  We went to high school east of Sacramento at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills, California.

She assured me that she contacted me because she wanted to see me.  Nonetheless, I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t contact me after I let her know I was at Dolores Park.  The Viking and I walked around the park doing some serious people watching and finally lie down in the sun.  It felt so nice to have the sun shining on our faces whilst the breeze was blowing over our skin.

I had wanted to see the truffle guy.  I assured the Viking – on several occasions – that the truffle guy had some very tasty, and potent, truffles.  I kept telling him that the truffle guy had copper vessels that shined in the sun.  We have been to Dolores Park on numerous occasions, all without seeing the truffle guy.  I haven’t seen the truffle guy in ages, years.

But when we were lying on the grass I saw a guy who had an army green messenger bag with a “Magic Brownies” sign on it.  I called him over by saying, “Hey, brownie guy, over here!”  The Viking and I shared half a brownie.  We decided we wanted to have dinner at Dosa.

Dosa, however, wasn’t open until 5:30, so we walked to the Latin American Club and had margaritas.  Latin American Club’s margaritas are delicious and large (just like the best cocks).  On the way back to Dosa, my phone rang.  My ring tone right now has a guy saying, “Shut up and fuck him.”  I laugh nearly every time I hear it.

It was Erica.  She said her phone didn’t have service until just then.  I hear service in San Francisco is shitty, though I rarely have any trouble at all.  We were off to dinner; she was off to do dykey things.  She said she’d contact me after some other events she was attending.

Dinner was delicious, though they didn’t have the specific things I wanted, these round shells that can be individually made by the diner to taste wonderfully spiced.  Everything we did have at Dosa was tasty.  We may go back for brunch, when the shell things will be served.

This is the Dyke March Lego person.  She is a militant lesbian.  She has long hair because she thinks doing nothing but putting her hair in a ponytail is the easiest way to take care of it.  She is a “larger” gal.  She goes to Ren Faires.  She’s a LARPer.  She would have been at Dolores Park today wearing something a little too tight, a little too revealing.  But we wouldn’t have messed with her because of her extremely large axe.  (The Lego thing will make more sense after reading June 21, 2010‘s post.)

I swear.  True story.

[Continued from "Jade's Vacation (Part 3)."]

“We were fucking and I guess he wasn’t done … I might need to go take care of that now,” she continued as she noticed how the whole bed was visible from where Teal was standing.

“Call him out again, Jade, ” Teal teased.

“Jason, come here for a moment,” Jade asked as she saw him peeking around the doorway at the two women.

“It’s ok, Jason, we know your cock is hard and just want to see it up close,” Teal tormented with a wicked grin on her full, kissable lips.

Jason shivered and then let the towel fall to the floor. He slipped his fingers around the thick shaft of his cock and walked toward the two women as they both swallowed the plum of his prick with their eyes.

Jade and Jason went back inside the suite and began an instant replay of their earlier events. Teal was standing by the railing and could see Jade begin sucking Jason’s huge, hard cock again. She reached between her tan thighs and began rubbing the button of her lady place as she watched Jade’s mouth working Jason’s cock.

Jade watched in the mirror as Teal shivered outside the glass door. Watching a woman finger fuck herself while that woman watched her suck her husband’s cock was almost more than she should stand. She felt the honey dripping from her cunt as she sucked … as she watched Teal’s tan tits jiggle up and down from the motion of her arm and fingers.

Jason reached behind Jade and lifted her shapely fuckable ass up over his hungry mouth. The instant his tongue entered her smooth shaved slot, she gushed some of her swelling orgasm. The nectar drizzled down over his chin and onto his tan chest.

“Oh fuck,” Teal moaned as she watched the liquid soak onto his skin. “I want to suck that cunt so fucking bad,” she moaned out loud as she fingered deeper into her wetness. She moaned and shivered and pressed her nude tits against the glass of the suite. She panted with lust as she watched the round fuckable curve of Jade’s ass swaying over Jason’s mouth.

Jason could feel Jade’s intensity, her need. He could see Teal against the glass and wanted to service both of the women … but more than anything he wanted to see his hot wife with another woman.

As Jason moved a bit to the side where Teal could see his face, he motioned to her and pointed at the smooth nudity of Jade’s seeping slot. Teal didn’t need more of an offer. She slipped through the open doorway and knelt behind Jade’s smooth, round ass. Jason put his fingers into Jade’s cunt and offered them to Teal. She sucked them like four hard cocks and panted for more. Jason reached inside Jade again and gathered more of her honey and offered it again. This time Teal smeared the slick wetness on her jutting nipples and perked forward for Jason to suck the honey off of them.

Teal moaned softly as Jason sucked her tits, mouthing them gently but hungrily. Jade turned slightly and watched out of the corner of her eye as she kept sucking Jason’s throbbing prick. Jade was so turned on watching Jason suck the woman, watching him reach between her own trembling legs, watching him pull out his wet fingers and then reach down to her sucking lips and offer the sloshing wetness.

“Oh fuck me, Jason,” Jade moaned as she glutted on his fingers and slurped her pussy’s sauce from each of them. She was ready. Teal was ready. Jason was more than ready.

Jason moved over on the bed and Teal splayed her sexy thighs wide under the eyes of Jade. She began finger fucking herself again and reached for Jade to straddle her mouth. Jade didn’t wait any longer and swooped her naked bare cunt down over Teal’s mouth and slowly felt Teal open her lips and begin her tempting tongue lashing.

[To be continued.]

Is he getting to like me like I like him or do I just like the idea of him?  But actually if I just liked the idea I would’ve gone for Dave Luke – he’s definitely got good genes and would be more demonstrative with his feelings and towards a relationship.  But the standoffishness is sexy, masculine, manly to me but of course he’d be caring with the kids if not by words then by actions.  And we’d of course be loving.  Why do I think like this?  Guys don’t do this not to this extreme maybe not in groups but they could by themselves like I am.  But Laura and I were also doing it together.  Henry must like me a lot – he talks to me no me now it seems at least twice a day he calls me when he has nothing else to do bad – he’ll think I’m always home good – he’ll become dependent on me or maybe he really does want to talk to me that much like junior high relationships of getting to know each other over the phone (oh she’s talking to Henry again – no still) because they can’t get together that often outside of school ’cause Mom and Dad won’t drive them and how can you make out with parents around.  But this is sweet – he calls me all the time.  But I want to know him know his feelings what he thinks.  I want to know him and know he really cares about me when we kiss or anything else.  I totally want to make out with him – just kiss and roll around with no pressure of sex but if happens then that’s nice.  And I realized that I’ve never even had to worry about contraception but I’ve had the sex.  Well, maybe now I’m mature enough.  And I just would love to get to know someone so well that I know hat they want in bed and to start out awkward and become so graceful with time but will thinking about it too much make it not happen?  Or when it doesn’t will I just be that much more depressed.  But I can see it so clearly does he ever think like that?  No well the only reason I haven’t said anything is because I don’t know how he feels.  Are his feelings still growing for me?  Are mine for him?  Or am I at the point now where I just have to get what I set out for – sex.  But I still don’t really know him but I want to so far everything is physical – his face, his cute little legs, his guitar playing.  It’s all physical not emotional.  Like if he told me why he liked me was because I’m cute (Does he think that?) and I smoke pot.  Fuck why does he like me?  Does he really?  Why do I like him?  Sometimes I have to say he’s brilliant – when he asked me why I liked him I told him ’cause he’s cute and sweet.  He found out that it’s only physical so he tested me by not getting so to see if I would get bored or lose interest.  No, I only do that when they do like me.  But why do I like him – nothing physical … I don’t know how he thinks so I don’t know him except for the physical – the strong, warm body next to mine, the sweet fat cheeks, his deep brown eyes squinty from being stoned, the full lips on that little mouth, the way that mouth could make me feel, and those sweet little hands touching me my waist and his strong arms holding me will we ever be more than we are now I think we’re working on it now but I don’t know how he’s thinking – how he feels.  Will I ever know?  I would like to know what he thinks of me.  Or how he thinks of me.  Obviously, we’re going towards sex ’cause we’ve kissed and he’s still speaking to me – and I don’t just mean sex I mean a relationship where there is sex and feelings involved.  But do the kisses mean we’ll be progressing further?  I’m letting him lead this journey cause I’ll go wherever he wants me to.  Yep, I’m pretty sad.  Does he ever want to kiss me?  He does it but does he want to?  I have been wanting to ask but I’m too embarrassed and I don’t want to hear the wrong answer.  I think about him all the time – doesn’t that mean I like him or he’s just filling a void.  But he could’ve been any other guy – what about Chris – either one – I could’ve pursued both if I wanted to.  It could’ve been Dan Higgins.  It could’ve been anyone but they weren’t Henry he’s what I needed wanted, had space for.  But sometimes it seems like I’m forcing this puzzle together but only because I don’t think the piece fits.  Apparently he thinks it can work.  It’s just cause I’ve never done this before – it seems too normal and average.  I think I’ll fit in and all – sort of – not.  When the damn time comes – jump ahead about 10 years (at this rate).