[Continued from "Jade (Part 5)."]

“Have, and do, and am,” I replied as I looked into the deep sexy pool of her green eyes.

“You mean now too?” she continued shyly.

”Especially now. As we talk about it, it is hard not to imagine how you would taste,” I blurted as I adjusted the hardness in my jeans.

“Oh my. You are … um … hard, huh?” she observed as she looked down at my lap and then smiled widely and proudly.

“Yes. Ready to explode really,” I replied

We just sat there for long moments and looked at each other. Her bare smooth thighs were shimmering with what I assumed was desire. Her tits were ripe and ready to be gripped and sucked and used as fuck handles. The way she was wiggling her legs open and closed I assumed she was sizzling there, too, at that snug little seam of hers.

The cell phone vibrating on the end table broke the trance and as she picked it up and gave me one of those private glances, I excused myself to go take a leak and bend my cock around somewhere so it was not so obvious.

A few moments later when I returned she was sitting with her back to me and was looking out the window. As I walked up, she looked up and smiled and glanced at my groin again and then did an almost pout expression.

“Where did it go?” she quizzed as she looked more intently as if on a treasure hunt.

“Oh it is still there, Jade, believe me. I just moved it a bit,” I replied.

“Um … John is going to be a bit longer. He went by the gym to pick up his dirty laundry and ran in to someone from work and needs to clear up some stuff before he joins us.”

“Oh, ok. Well, I can come back some other time if you want,” I offered.

“Well, no.  I was thinking of something else … if you want to,” she countered.

“What is that, Jade?” I asked as my eyes went back to the hard ends of her nipples to enjoy the round fullness.

“Before John hung up, he said, ‘Don’t fuck him ‘til I get home,’” she whispered softly. Then she grinned and looked me in the eyes and continued, “But he didn’t say anything about you tasting me and me doing the same to you.”

[There's more to come.  Yes!]