[Continued from "Slave Auditions, Part 1."]

The next potential slave showed up with a bouquet of mixed flowers, also obviously from a grocery store, and a bottle of wine. I like wine. Good boy.

Potential slave number two we dubbed Too Tan because, well, he was. He went to work washing dishes and pointed out some of Baseball Bat’s sloppiness. I thanked him, though maybe I should have given him some shit for being a tattle tale.

He asked for some of the wine he brought. I denied him. After all, even when the person bringing the wine is not a potential house slave the gift is a hostess gift and should not be expected by the guest. That he asked as he was trying out to be a slave made it an even ruder request.

I had him take out the trash, recycling, and compost.  He took a little longer than he should have, but during his absence Sugar suggested we have some wine for him as a reward.  She really is a much nicer mistress than am I.  Also, I don’t think she had gotten into the spirit of our exercise.

But then after Too Tan left Sugar said she wasn’t into him as a slave.  She had no interest in seeing his dick, and didn’t really care enough to bother to try to humiliate him, since ostensibly that is exactly what he wanted.

The Viking pointed out that we were two for three, and that at that rate he’d surely win the bet.  I agreed that if the potential slaves continued to show up that rate he would definitely win the bet, but I wasn’t calling it before the end of the day.

Which was good, because the next five potential slaves flaked.  During the time when they were supposed to be here my friend Mr. Zip arrived.  We had told a few people to stop by so they could help us humiliate the potential slaves.  We figured the less intimate it was, and the more shit we talked about the peons who were cleaning, the better.

As I didn’t know what time Mr. Zip would arrive, when the phone rang I used the same stern tone I had with the service supplicants and told him not to take the elevator.  He made it clear that he would not be told what to do.  Oh, sorry!

Mr. Zip and Sugar met for the first time.  He and I have had a few threesomes together, and I could tell right away that the possibility of another one occurred to him as soon as he met Sugar.  Sugar is a hottie, and she and I have some very fun and sexy chemistry – who wouldn’t want to join in?

Mr. Zip focused on Sugar and even went so far as to ask if she liked chocolate.  While that doesn’t seem all that crazy, I knew exactly what it meant.  Mr. Zip goes to the Winter Fancy Food Show every year.  This year I went with him.  Hundreds of food manufacturers – including many chocolatiers – give out samples.  Mr. Zip doles out his chocolate samples to the various ladies in his life, and is especially generous to those he’s not yet bedded.

I pointed out my own stash of chocolates from the Fancy Food Show and told Mr. Zip that Sugar could have as much as she wanted from me, that his little samples weren’t likely to impress her.  I have no problem if Sugar and Mr. Zip fuck – whether with me or not – but I felt I had to call him on his silly shit.

None of the potential slaves showed up when Mr. Zip was present.  To each of those who flaked, I sent an email with lovely face photos of Sugar and I attached to show that we’re both reasonably decent looking (she much more than I) and wrote that they missed out.  I did not hear back from any of them.

We thought maybe no one else would show up when the phone again rang.

I swear.  True story.

[To be continued, of course.  Stay tuned for the results of the bet between the Viking and myself.  Find out if we saw any more cock, girthy or otherwise.]