[Continued from "Slave Auditions, Part 2."]

The next potential slave to arrive was young and sweet.  And had an incredible head of hair.  He was very young – just 19 years old.  Sugar claimed she liked older men almost exclusively but she was definitely taken by his apparent innocence.

And it may have been only apparent.  He told us he had been to Power Exchange several times.  Wow, and at such a tender age.  I suppose people are figuring out much younger what they’re into and how to make it happen.  Back when I was 17 I knew I was interested in being tied up and spanked but other than the Society of Janus, which I could not join since I was not yet of age, I had no way of connecting with similarly inclined people.  By the time I was 18 I lost interest in the idea of socializing with the intent to find someone to spank me, and I’m still not too keen on the whole munch thing.

We dubbed our young potential slave Nineteen.  Our nicknames certainly didn’t have to be creative or original, only easy for us to remember.  Nineteen cleaned pretty well and and followed directions well.  By this time Sugar and I had had plenty of mimosas and wine and were certainly embracing the spirit of the day.

We had Nineteen show us his penis.  He was uncircumcised, just the way I like ‘em.  But we didn’t do anything with his dick other than look at it.

Soon thereafter Glasses arrived.  We dubbed him Glasses because he wore very thick ones.  He was very quiet and mousy and out of everyone the best cleaner.  He also took very well to direction.  Sugar and I were well into mistress mode when he arrived.  We had no problem telling him what to do and we had him clean sans pants.

When Glasses was here my neighbor Ruby stopped by to help us assess.  It was a raucous good time.  Ruby didn’t stay long, and we soon dismissed Glasses.

Then Sugar, the Viking, and I went upstairs where the Viking was nice enough to tie up Sugar’s lovely breasts.  She looked quite nice.  The three of us were having a very nice naked time complete with hemp rope when the phone rang.

Ooops!  We forgot we had more potential slaves scheduled.  I threw on my clothes and answered the door while Sugar and the Viking got dressed themselves.

I opened the front door to a vision of loveliness.  Her makeup was perfect.  She wore a bustier with shorty shorts and fishnets.  She carried a large purse.  She was demure, as is appropriate for a lady come to clean.

She started cleaning right away.  She was adorable.  She had a foreign accent and told us she was from Austria.  She was so sweet and cute.  Sugar dubbed her Cutey.  We loved Cutey immediately.  She was very obedient.  She was fun!

I called Ruby and told her to come back, that she would absolutely love our latest potential slave.  Ruby is a drag queen at heart – she barely needs an excuse to get dressed up, and she makes it a point to go to costumed events – she is very theatrical.  I knew she would love Cutey.  In addition, Ruby speaks German, and I thought it’d be fun to listen to Ruby and Cutey talk to each other in Cutey’s native tongue.

The whole time Cutey was cleaning she was also like our girlfriend; it’d be a blast to go to dance clubs with her.  She knew how to put herself together.  She had a great ass.  She was most definitely a girl.

Only of course she was not a biological girl, so when the Viking – who identifies as a straight man – whispered to Ruby that he was conflicted Ruby couldn’t help but chuckle.  Ahh, San Francisco, how we love you for making us question our ideas of gender and sex and sexuality.

Cutey stayed longer than her allotted half hour because the next potential slave flaked.  We were glad since we were having so much fun with her.  We let her have some wine with us and had her sit down and chit-chat; the service portion of the interview was over.  She pulled out her purse, in which she brought some things that she thought might be of use for the tryout.  She had rope – fun! – and she had various anal toys – also fun – and she had a CB-3000.

I would not have known what a CB-3000 was if I hadn’t seen a video of Eve Minax (whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and ) on Carnal Nation discussing male chastity devices.  [The video seems to have disappeared from Carnal Nation, but if you can find it, please let me know the link – [email protected].]  They are fascinating.

Cutey showed us how the CB-3000 worked, but not on her penis.  She wasn’t yet comfortable showing that side of herself.  However, by the time I walked her to the door she certainly didn’t seem to mind when I copped a feel.  We made out a bit and I rubbed up against her cock, which was not very girlie.

Out of fourteen scheduled potential slaves only five showed up.  That means I won the bet I had with the Viking.  The wager?  I got to gloat.  We hadn’t bet anything of substance because we both knew there were few things I would want that he wouldn’t already have done for me if I asked.  But I won.  Ha!

I swear.  True story.

[True story that is not yet done.  The next week we continued our slave auditions.]