You have been standing there for some time.

The gag fills your mouth.

It’s dark, the blindfold is tight.

You can see nothing.

The smell of His cologne hangs faintly in the air.

In your mind it feels like hours.

The air is cool against your naked skin, your breasts lay heavy on your chest, the perspiration settling on them.

You would like to relax, but you cannot.

The chains attached to the padded cuffs around your wrists keep you standing on tiptoe, your back arched.

You know that should you try to relax the punishment will be harsh and severe.

A tremor of pleasure runs down your spine as you remember the last time you were punished.

The lashes hurt so sweetly, you can almost feel the kiss of the cane as it connects with your buttocks.

You shift your legs, your labia parting slightly as your clit swells in expectation. You know that soon you will be punished.

Finally your legs can take no more.

From behind you He speaks.

“Well done, your stamina improves.”

Your heartbeat speeds up as your excitement rises.

“But you didn’t last long enough, so now you must be punished.”

As He lowers the chains, a smile stretches the muscles of your mouth, you know that you have pleased Him.


[Sexy as fuck. -- SSF]

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