So in continuation from the last story, where I was fucked in the arse with a strap-on by a girl that I had met from the internet …. I spent the next few months — up to about a year — sticking to the straight side of the street in my sexual activity. I don’t know why this was really, my interest in being butt fucked hadn’t gone away, anything but, but I never had any more luck with and as mentioned, I never saw “the” girl again. The opportunity to have some arse play never reared itself I guess, and aside from an affair with an office temp who spent 6 months working in my office and the same amount of time laying on my desk with her legs wide apart, I didn’t see any action at all.

So it was that one night out with some work colleagues and having been introduced to a friend of a friend who was gay, I heard about Gaydar.

For those who don’t know, is an online gay personals site where gay men can advertise themselves and if lucky meet for “fun”. It’s mainly full of twats and time wasters, to be frank, and a lot of the time all you will get is nothing for your trouble. At the time I heard about it I didn’t know all of this so going on my merry way from my night out, I ended up back at home, logged on, and created my profile.

Why I did this, i don’t really know. I’m not gay, had at that point never really thought about being with another man. My fantasy always involved a woman with a strap on fucking me, and not a guy. But as I had been talking to my friend’s gay buddy, I found myself becoming interested, intrigued, and finally turned on by the idea. Maybe it was because the guy I was speaking to was incredibly good looking, and I was getting pissed and turned on by the idea of him fucking me.

Still…I gave myself a username, wrote a few words about myself, put a couple of pics of my body on there — no face pic at the time as I wasn’t sure about that, not wishing anyone I knew to see my pic and then it to be a huge thing — and away to bed I went.

My recollection of that time is a little sketchy to be honest, but I remember logging in the next evening and being pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a couple of messages. One was from a guy miles away and another from someone closer. I chatted to both, being up front with them by saying I had never done anything like this before, I had never been with a guy, and I didn’t know what I was hoping to get out of a potential meet, or what I would be willing to do. Going back and forth on email I discovered that the whole idea of being with a guy was something that I found a complete turn on. My gay side came out, so to speak.

Eventually I arranged to meet the guy nearer me on a day when my work would take me to his city.

In my head I was worried — nervous about meeting him, nervous about meeting a guy for sex and all that that entailed. Having been through a bitter breakup a year or so prior, I was unsure if this was something that I really wanted to do or whether it was something I thought I did. It turned out, that despite how turned on I was … it might have been the latter.

I arranged to go to the guy’s house, and I did. And promptly left 5 minutes later, having got cold feet about the whole thing. I remember walking into his living room, sitting down, and watching some porn, not feeling at all turned on and — with him next to me, clad only in a pair of pants and rubbing his groin — feeling like I wanted to be out of there.

I felt like a complete git. Gaydar is full of time-wasters, I was one of them!

As time went on, I visited Gaydar a fair bit, chatted to some people, made arrangements with them, pulled out and was pulled out on. I made a few email buddies of guys who live near me but whom I still have never met and whom, if I am honest, I have used to ask many a question about gay sex.

The second time I met someone, I did the same as before.  I went to his house, he met me, and we went into his bedroom where I got naked and lay on the bed as was his request. As I lay on my front, watching some porn that he had on, he stood to the side of me and took off his robe so he was naked.

Now, I class myself as being an average size man. I’m 5 foot 10, 14 stone, not very fit, have blue eyes, brown hair, and a 6 inch cock when I’m excited. Average.

When I saw this guy’s cock hanging before my eyes, I not only felt slightly hard done by, but also fucking terrified.  He was enormous. Hazarding a guess, I would have to say he was about 10 inches long, and incredibly thick. So thick that when I reached over to him and took his cock in my mouth, it was a struggle just to get it all in. This was my first experience of sucking cock and I took to it eagerly. Holding it in my mouth, running my tongue over and around it, rubbing my hand up and down, feeling it get harder — all the things that I thought I should do, and that I liked having done to me.

Eventually he moved onto the bed behind me, and continued to give me a massage. I lay watching the porn, feeling a bit odd and noticing that I wasn’t incredibly turned on by what he was doing. But it felt good.  As it went on he moved down to my buttocks and started caressing me and all of a sudden I could feel his cock pressing onto my arsehole.

Panicky, I got up, made my excuses, and left the poor guy on the bed with his erection.

As I walked down the road back to my house, I wondered why I had done what I did. I couldn’t quite work it out. What was it that I wanted?  I enjoyed sucking his cock, but as soon as I could feel it against me, I had to get out. I got home and a little later and emailed him to apologise. He wrote back and, nice as pie, said that I was fine, just a shame as I had left him hard and with nothing else to do but wank himself off.

[To be continued ….]

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