[This is the last of the bullshit from our buddy, GatorBoy, thankfully.  Continued from “What A Guy (Part 4).”]


I have to agree with you, a first I do believe, that this will be the last communication.

You’re something else, not sure what yet, but when shown mistakes or contradictions you like most everyone else come back spewing some other retrirate claiming you are baffled by the other person’s words..

I reread what I last wrote you, while sitting in a lounge chair after watching a movie outside under the beautiful stars at the resort (a first for me, being naked anyways), as usual I made a couple of typos and a missing word here & there while either thinking too fast for my fingers, or a hot naked lady walked by.

I covered each of the points in your two emails and yet you seem like I was just randomly writing anything that came to mind.

I am glad you finally self admitted being a whore and one that would not USE someone. Believe you me, the offered trip would have not been planned until we truly talked and had gotten to know one another, which I offered from the first email, but you rather try to “know me” via this game of back & forth emails, trying to prove to one another that we each had faults. We are human, so of course we have them but I for some reason see someone interesting inside of you. I enjoy a women that is self assured and willing to go toe to toe in discussions and stimulate my largest organ- my brainYou take care and try to go easy on the next chumps that may mispell “woman” or another pet pieve of yours, attorneys vs attorney’s.

Mike aka Wag aka GatorBoy


From: “S M” <>
To: [Mike]
Sent: 6/29/2009 3:45 PM
Subject: NO, THIS is the last.

Remember that part about me not being overtly mean?  Yeah, that’s over.  You do not get the last word.

You, sir, are simply not intelligent.  “Retrirate” is not a word in the English language.  You once again wrote “a women.”  I don’t give a shit about you being naked at a resort, or otherwise.

As a mm_72bb9fd2262d4873ac4cc1554ab29880atter of fact, the thought of you naked repulses me.  The reason I would have to be paid to spend any time with you is because you are GROSS.  You call yourself GatorBoy, which is beyond lame.  Your facial hair is some sort of sad attempt to deny the fact that your face and neck are now one.  Your gut appears to be harboring a fetus.

And no, you did not address anything point by point.  You don’t communicate via the written word well, at all.  There is no such thing as self admitting.  One can admit to one’s self, or be a self-admitted ______, but self admitting is IMPROPER GRAMMAR.

I did not address your grammatical fuck-ups or typos or “dyslexia” in my last communication because I had resigned myself to the fact that you are simply ignorant and lazy.  And you are.

As for admitting I am a whore, if you don’t think you are as well, you’re fooling yourself.  Everyone is a whore, some of us more than others.  You whore out the fact that you live in a sunny place and you’re willing to pay others’ way to that sunny place.  You think about how many women would go to see you if you didn’t pay their way.

Writing emails is not a game, it is a form of communication that highlights certain abilities, and disabilities.  I’m a grammar nazi, you are dumb and delusional.  I can only imagine that any phone conversation would further reveal your inability to master the English language, and the fact that you really think being a Playboy Radio “superfan” is something about which anyone but you gives two shits.

You even misspell “misspell.”  “Attorneys” is the plural of “attorney;” “attorney’s” is possessive, as in, “This attorney’s brain hurts from trying to decipher the ramblings of a Florida hick who harbors delusions that I would EVER fuck him without SIGNIFICANT incentive.”

Finally, it is “It’s nice to say hello,” since “it’s” in that phrase is a contraction for “it is.”

Go away.


Always like a WOMAN, must try and get the last word. In fact you probably are a non stop talker that men just tune you when they are with you. You must be a lot of fun to be with. Did they all go running out the door screaming “this WOMAN can not shut up and carries a red sharpie to correct anyone around her?”Another wonderful attribute that is just as lame is the spewing hatred as well. Such a class act. Can’t you do better than body references cut downs. Did you do that when you were losing cases (if you have ever had any). “Judge and Jury, my final point is that he is a big fat tub of lard, so he must be guilty.”It shows a true lack of being able to really argue. You say you are/were a lawyer, but you must have been disbarred because you are on Twitter non stop begging for cock and pussy. Are you an ambulance chasing, police scanner listening, hospital ER waiting room lawyer who rushes to the scene of an accident to pass out their cards to scrape whatever business you can get? Disbarred probably from putting the judge, jury and courtroom to sleep due to your rambling on. Go peddled that pussy and ass that you have to write about each night about wanting to get fucked, out on the corner like other whores if you are not doing it already. You must need the compensation pretty bad. The way you pimp out the fact publicly on Twitter is another classy act and done so because you must not be able to get any real cock. A blantant futile last ditch effort to get action. Using Craiglist to solicit for cocks must be another thing you are so proud of. The guys come over fall asleep on you or try and sneak out the shack you live in.Take care.


PS- I have put you on my ignore list here on Yahoo as well and blocking you on Twitter.


Our buddy WAG seems to follow and @ respond to only women who are far out of his league.  Strange, huh?


Bonus recent tweet from @[Mike] to one of the many porn chicks he follows.  Gotta love his command of the English language, and his awareness that he inspires nausea.

[Mike]:  I just notices you and Twitter. Welcome, only 8000+ twits to catch up :) I liked meeting U all. Hope U didnt get sick seeing me