[This saga is continued from "What A Guy (Part 3)."]
Suazanne, just be honest, you use this crap to feed your ego and get the satisfaction that by saying I want a hard cock jammed into my tight Ass, you will have men and occasional women respond and let you toy with them. That is simple enough.

I see your posts, and watch you try to express your superiority and beat down those that come on, with the exception of possibly a WOMAN twittering back at you.

I was not out to show each and every error (typo) in your blog, but you are the one with a quick disposition to dismiss someone, just because his typing skills or his lack of abilty to express him/herself in what you hold your own expectations. Maybe you should put up a disclaimer on your blog or your other sites you write for.

You damn well know, I was just feeding your lust for blunt sexual outwardness when I wrote that story. The first email is more of the true me, and of couse being a Taurus I will stand up for and fight for what Hey maybe that was not the scenario you expected and is no way a requirement to see me.

As far as being liberated and knowledgable in many facets of sexual experiences, It is not like it rules my life. I have not been to that swingers club in over 2 years and unfortunetly it just closed it doors last month.The Nudist resorts is something I truly enjoy and embrace as a way of life, but even that has been on hold until today. I got my Membership in December, and yet today is my first time going. I have had major transportation issues, which I hope will work itself out.

So my compensation to you is a RT flight from SF to Tampa/Orlando, for however long you can get away, A chance to experience the things you want to while here at my expense, your food, ground transportation and your place to stay whether my home or posssibly at a hotel nearby out excursions.

Yes I am a stranger, but I also can forward you addresses of some close friends that have been here and went home happy. I don’t think I have one to say any different.

As far as age, please in this day and age, #s are just numbers. 40s are the 30s, 30s are the 20s. and whatever.

At least before you slam the door, lock the 3-4 deadbolts, take the chance to put a voice and personalty to what you occasionally get a Twit sent and arrange a nice chat, hell we could turn on the webcam as well.

I think I covered your points. It is a shame that you want to put the kabosh on it. But that is life. Being a Taurus, I will try my hardest to show you good things from this, but I also will not repeatly email this back and forth. Games are so much a fucking waste of time.


PS: I am considered family or a superfan on Playboy for the interaction I have on the radio shows, and just last month I did an hour segment on air in the LA studios. The next night I went to a charitable event for wounded veterans of the current wars for Armed Forces Day. It was a really nice night, and you being into women, you may have needed a Red Lobster bib while there. I added another 150 photos to my amateur collection which I may consider as a 2nd career.

Just this last past Friday morning, I was on Sirius/XM Howard 101 with the Tampa midday host Bubba the Love Sponge for 2 hours.

But I’m am really just a guy who has a real life friendships with the hosts of Nightcalls and Private Calls. I have even fed stories to both Playboy and Howard Stern that I have come across and felt he they be interested in.


From: “S M” <>
To: [Mike]
Sent: 6/29/2009 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: Its nice to say hello
This will be our last “personal” communication.When I tweet that I want a hard cock in my ass, mouth, pussy, or eye socket, that is because that is what I truly want.  It doesn’t matter to me if anyone responds.  In case you’ve not noticed, something I DON’T tweet about is a desire to have more followers.

As you were probably upset when you wrote your email it is all over the map and a lot of it is pretty unclear to me.  I have no interest in having you illuminate anything, so I’ll only address what I believe I can accurately assess.

I do not toy with people or play games.  I am honest.  I have been trying to be so with you without being overtly mean.  If you think insisting upon proper communication when communicating is expressing my superiority or beating people down, then so be it.  I know I don’t have a gun to your head or that of anyone else.  Don’t like what I have to say?  Simple solution is not to seek out what I’m saying.

I should put a disclaimer on my blog indicating that others should know how to use the English language properly?  Uh, that doesn’t even begin to make any sense.  Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll not be taking it.

I do find it odd that you are still extending an invitation to me to go to Florida.  If I took you up on the offer, it would not be to spend time with you, but to get to Florida for free and visit friends who live there.  THAT, I believe, would truly make me the worst kind of whore, and though we’re not friends I am not willing to use you just because I can.