This is the Russian’s bathroom.  The Russian has other things going for him, for sure.  Otherwise, the first time I saw this bathroom I’d've gone running – far, far away.

I wish this was some sort of joke, but it’s not.

The Russian is not a smelly guy.  He’s not dirty at all.  He is well-groomed.  How he actually becomes clean in this room is beyond me.

The Russian usually doesn’t bring chicks back to his place, and it’s obvious why.  But I can’t always host so I’ve been there more than once.  The first time, thankfully, I was quite drunk.  I was also horny.  And I remembered the Russian’s big, intact cock.

I wasn’t quite drunk enough when I took these photos.  Not quite drunk drunk enough to forget to take the photos.  Not quite drunk enough to forget what the bathroom looked like.  Not quite drunk enough.  Unfortunately, I can remember his bathroom.

I can also remember the Russian’s cock in my ass.  That is a much more pleasant memory than his bathroom.

I swear.  True story.

[Continued from "Jade's Vacation (Part 1)."]

Jason stepped into the shower as Jade caught her breath. She walked out onto the balcony to see what the couple below was doing now. As she looked down she saw the man doing the woman doggy style. His huge dick was pistoning her cunt like a robot using lubricated holes for fucking.

Jade moaned softly and touched the sensitive button of her swollen clit. As she moved her finger inside, she flinched a bit and felt another orgasm start out of her.

She glanced back in the room and could see the bathroom door was closed, and by the shadow under the doorway it was going to be awhile.

She opened her freshly fucked thighs wider and began hunching her finger tip as she watched the lovers below.

As the couple were fucking, the man looked up and saw the swollen pale orbs of Jades big tits swaying over the railing. His eyes sucked on Jade’s cock-shaped nipples and his cock began to vibrate in the woman’s pussy.

The blond looked up too and moaned to her lover, “I wish I was licking her pussy while you fucked her in the ass.”

The woman gushed as she felt his spewing reaction to her suggestion. She bucked wildly and growled as he continued to slam her cunt.

“Fuck that pretty slut’s nice round ass baby … fuck her like a bitch and make her beg for more,” the woman goaded as the hot lava of her lover spurted up over her ass onto her tan lower back.

“Awwwwwwwwww” he moaned as he shot jizz onto her shimmering skin.

Jade heard the couple coming and felt her own orgasm gush from her fingering slot. She bit her lip as she listened to the vulgar comment from the woman and realized it was intended for her.

Jade couldn’t move from where she stood exposed to the couple below. Her pussy felt so good and the orgasms were continuing.

“Fuck my pussy. No, fuck my hot cunt,” she whispered softly as she squeezed her thighs in undulating pleasure and drizzled her sauce down both of her trembling thighs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned as she pushed more of her liquor out and down her legs. This was the first time in her life she had come like that. “So wet, so nasty. So slutty. My cunt, yes, it is a cunt right now, not a pussy or anything proper, it is a hot, wet, fuckable cunt,” she thought to herself as she tried to stop finger fucking before Jason heard her.

Jade blushed as she saw some of her drizzle leak down from the railing onto the upturned bodies below her. She saw the wetness appear on the man’s shoulder. She saw the woman look at it and up at her soaked slot. Jade moaned softly as she watched the woman lean and lick the cunt splash off of the man’s shoulder and then lick her lips as if to say she wanted more.

“Oh fuck, that is so nasty and so sexy too,” she whispered out loud as she imagined the woman kneeling between her legs and sucking her slot.

“Stop it Jade. You are thinking like a whore,” she told herself as she turned only to find the electric eyes of a slender tan woman standing on the balcony of the adjacent suite.

The woman was younger, long brown hair, just a bit longer than Jade’s black hair. Her breasts were nicely shaped about a B cup with very aroused pink-brown nipples. She looked like she was just over five feet tall, which was a few inches shorter than Jade. Her pussy was wickedly bald and was obviously aroused as it was shimmering at the seam and down both of the woman’s thighs too.

“You were gorgeous as you came,” the woman moaned as she stepped to the railing between the two suites.

“I came just watching you,” she continued as she extended a small hand to greet Jade.

“I am Teal, like the color,” she continued as she looked boldly at the naked pale fullness of Jade’s non-tan breast flesh.

“Damn, I wish I had breasts like that, and a ass like that too,” Teal commented as she shrugged her own perky tits for Jade’s eyes and then turned and watched Jade examine the sculpted round of her bottom


“Um, thanks. I am Jade … like the gem. I saw the couple down there and I … well, my husband I just finished, and I,” she stammered as she felt Teal looking at her seeping slot with a curious intensity.

“Oh I know. They are the Vincents, they fuck for hours every day and I have masturbated so much watching them, I almost feel I have fucked them both,” Teal offered to ease the tension.

“Your man is hot too,” Teal continued. “I heard you guys earlier and came out to see who my new neighbors were. I peeked in and saw that lovely cock of his as you two were fucking,” She confessed softly, her eyes still running down the seam of Jades bald fuck place.

“You watched us fucking?” Jade blurted quietly as she felt her face turning red at the idea.

“Sorry. Yes, kinda, in the mirror there,” Teal replied as she also blushed at Jade’s reaction.

Jade felt the color subside as she suddenly felt a surge of pleasure at the idea of some strange woman watching her husband pumping her with his beautiful cock.

[To be continued.  Pretty hot, eh?]

[Continued from "TT, Part 3."]

Living next door to TT meant always being updated on his various activities.  He always had a project, a new purchase, a plan – something – going.

When we first met, TT told me he owned a tanning bed.  He told me his girlfriend wouldn’t allow it in the house so it was in the garage.  I never saw it because I didn’t want to.  I was afraid of the tanning bed.  Since going to a dermatologist for acne as a pre-teen I was told to avoid the sun, wear sunscreen daily, and do not, under any circumstances, use a tanning bed.  I followed the advice of that dermatologist, and the many dermatologists I’ve had since then:  I don’t lay out (for the most part), I wear sunscreen almost religiously (currently wear SPF 55 daily), and I have never seen, much less used, a tanning bed.  Ever.

TT and I had “discussions” about sun damage.  He seemed to think it didn’t exist.  I seemed to think it happened if one thought about the sun.  Neither of us was completely right.  To be fair, TT still doesn’t look too leathery.  I imagine if I worshiped ultraviolet rays like he did (and does), I’d look like an old shoe.  One that was worn no matter the weather, never polished, and left outside when not in use.  Or maybe I’m delusional and I do look like that.

Anyway, because I lived next door to TT I was privy to TT’s new purchases.  He told me when he bought a massage table.

Over the time we knew each other, he told me that he got massages.  He told me he always had cute, young, hot masseuses who would cart their own tables to his place and massage him in his living room.  Maybe he wanted to be able to have those masseuses over who didn’t yet have their own tables, which would of course be beginners, which would of course be young.  As far as I can remember, TT didn’t tell me that there was ever any sex with the masseuses and him, but it was clear he would not have minded if there were.

This may have gone without saying, but by this time TT was single.  The girlfriend who didn’t like me eventually became his fiance.  After they sent out a “save the date” notice, but before the invitations were sent, she had left TT.  Apparently she had fallen in love with a boss, or a coworker, or client, or some other thing that was wholly inappropriate.  He seemed to take it rather well.  Perhaps the massages helped him cope ….

One day he asked if I wanted a massage.  I love massages, but they always seem to be a luxury just outside my means; there are so many other things I can spend my money on (when I have it) that I’ve had only a few professional massages in my life, and most of them I had in Thailand where they are very inexpensive.  I took TT up on the offer.

He had his massage table set up in his office/spare room.  I don’t remember if I got completely naked for the massage; at the very most I had on underwear.  He massaged me, for a bit.  And then things changed.

While I am not completely passive when fucking, (I’m no dead fuck!) I can be.  Especially with new people, I’m a bit shy at first.  When getting a massage I’m very relaxed and … not expecting sex.  So when fingers wander to places they really rather shouldn’t be, I’m not too aware.  Usually it doesn’t go from completely appropriate to completely inappropriate in one fell swoop; rather the touching gradually – glacially almost – goes from completely innocent massage to foreplay.

By the time I realize what’s going on, it’s going on.  TT’s massage went from massage to foreplay to fucking before I really knew what was going on.  I did know what was going on, of course, but I didn’t have the energy to put a stop to it.  It felt good, and I didn’t want it to stop, but then again I kind of did.

So it did.  We went through the motions.  We fucked.  I suppose.  His penis went in my vagina, for sure.  It might’ve gone in my mouth, too.  I don’t remember.  What I remember is that we had sex.

Afterwords I got dressed and went home.  We never talked about it.  There was no need.  We also didn’t keep it to ourselves.  TT told people, I told people.  It was no big deal.  Neither one of us tried to pursue further sexual relations with the other.  It was what it was.

I lived next door to TT for a while.  First I lived there with Chris.  Then the Ex’s sister lived there with another roommate.  Then the Ex and I moved in with his sister.  Then a friend of the sister moved in with her.  Then.  Then.  Then.  For years TT’s tenants had something to do with me.

TT and I are still friends, sort of.  We’ve not seen each other in a lot of years, but we’re Facebook friends.  He has asked me more than once to accompany him to Saline Valley where there are hot springs where people spend a lot of time naked.  Communally.  I’ve been to such places, here in Northern California, but not places where there were any possibilities of running into my parents.  My dad and my step-mother have told me they like going to Saline Valley.  No thank you.  I don’t have any interest in seeing either of them naked, nor of them seeing me the same way.

I swear.  True story.

This was too fucking funny not to post.  I’m pretty sure I’ve fucked each one of the douchbag types at one time or another.  I probably will again.  I tend to like fucking the preppy ones.  Why?  Because those are the ones that were popular and everyone thought were attractive when I was in high school.  They had absolutely no interest in me then.  They probably don’t have any interest in me now, except to fuck me.  Which is fine with me.  I don’t want to date them.  I don’t want relationships with them.  I just want to fuck them and then have them get the fuck away from me.  I hope they can get it up.  They often can’t.  I hope they have big dicks.  They often don’t.

I swear.  True story.

12:21 AM

I could have gone to Nicole’s but no, I wanted to be with Henry.  I just sat here trying to get close but he was frying and couldn’t stay still or concentrate enough to kiss.  We did kiss but I had to do it and he wasn’t into it at all.  Oh well, that was the acid, not him.  Damn Maury was there and gave me a ride home.  He’s such a fucking druggie.  He’s lost any sense of self-respect and will ask anyone for money.  So I gave him about two bucks.  Damn, anything to shut up his damn whining.  He’s so pathetic – like a stray animal you don’t want to take in but just stay the fuck away because it looks so terrible that it wold make you sick to see it too much.  I want Henry to call me.  He was so goofy nervous like figetey (Is that a damn word?) I could have also gone out with Laura, Deanna and Andy with Vidal.  They were only getting drunk though.  Maybe this is for the best, I do have to work tomorrow.  Why do I always mispell Houston?  [That is a true transcription of me misspelling "misspell" and spelling "Houston" correctly.]  Why does Laura always were tight, low-cut shirts?  And they’re also short – at the waist or usually above.  Boys are dumb.  Why do I like Henry?

7:08 AM

I was pleasant at 6 AM.  I’m so proud of myself.  Henry loves me.  I still want to kiss him for hours and hours.  Is that so wrong?  Does that make me a bad person?  Henry was telling me about how everything looked to him and he remembered he couldn’t stay still long enough to kiss (but of course he didn’t say so) me.  But god, I could kiss him for hours.  I’d like to press my body up against his and feel his heat.  But then does he even want to kiss me?  I mean he never makes the move.  But then there have only been two times thus far.  His hands are so small – his middle fingers are longer than mine but otherwise they’re the same size.  How sweet.  That’s very tiny.  But what he can do with a guitar, he could probably do to me.  His hands are soft and he holds so nicely.  Or perhaps he’s just human and I I think he’s more ’cause it’s been so long since I’ve touched anyone.  But he feels so different.  Fuck, I hate it when I start to write something and I’ve forgotten what my point was so I end up gibbering.  Can’t win ‘em all.  I saw his belly last night – he was laying on his side and his shirt rode up so that I, position below him, could see his belly.  It was kind of cute that I got to see.  Call me cray or loony or both.  I think things are going rather well.  I’m learning about myself (I am very impatient and rush head – or maybe it’s body – first into things usually.) and him. (He likes to test the waters several times and then still doesn’t get all the way in – I don’t think he’s even ankle-deep so far.)  This whole experience is going to be a great book (a la Bosom Buddies).  I wonder when Thrifty’s opens ’cause I have cash and I want to get a damn phone cord.  I’m just tired of not being able to go anywhere ’cause I’m on the damn phone.  Probably doesn’t open ’til 11 or so ’cause it’s Sunday and all.  I’m gonna get yelled at today ’cause I didn’t count down the cash drawer but signed it out anyway and also didn’t alarm anyone that my drawer was off over five dollars.  Oh well, I don’t care anymore.  Real job dedication (not).  Now I’m getting tired and I only have about an hour or so ’til I really have to be up.

10:58 PM

Why do I even bother having any days off?  I don’t do anything I have no life.  Shit.  And Henry’s not even home.  He should be waiting by the phone for me.  And I have to go to the bathroom but I’m out of toilet paper – again.  I could go buy some but I’m afraid Henry’ll call when I’m gone.  Fuck.  This isn’t fair.  Why do I have to wait around for him?  Why is he so fucking unpredictable?  Shit – he could be asleep, but I doubt it.  Well, he did stay up all night on acid but shit fuck I don’t know.  Why do I have to like him so much?  I just want him to touch me – I don’t think that’s too much.  I guess I should go to bed early on a Sunday night ’cause I don’t have to work tomorrow.  I wish I could find my remote control.  Maybe I should clean my sty.  Maybe I should tell Henry that I can’t deal with his shit.  Maybe if I had a car I could go over to his house when I felt like it.  He makes such a big production out of coming over here.  I guess that’s sweet and all.  Gosh this is depressing.  Laura went home to meet Vidal and get lucky.  No fair – she has a willing partner.  Could I cry.  I don’t like being alone so why am I always?  It’s just not fair.  But everyone else says that too so I know there are others like me.  Misery loves miserable company.  (Beth’s coinage.)  I’m so bored I don’t want to eat anything I have.  I can hear everything my neighbors are doing.  I don’t think they’re very loud during sex cause I would’ve heard them by now.  I guess I’ll take a shower and go to bed.  God, I have absolutely do damn life.  I want a car.  I want to see Henry.  I want to feel his warmth.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so.  Will I always be depressed?  I guess so.  Maybe I’ll clean my house tomorrow.  Shit, what  mess I could make if I had a place with more than one room.  This mess is actually kind of scary.  But I usually have the biggest problem with the kitchen and it’s not that messy.  I want to vacuum.  Yes it’s true.  After all the complaining about the Mad Vacuumer.

When I put the other journal of course I had to read some of my other stuff.  Erica shit – I was bad – had it bad.  Why do I do it to myself?  I was fine before I read that.  But it’s nice to know I won’t make the same mistakes again and it’s nice to

Just tried to call Shannon but she’s not home and Mary didn’t recognise my voice and thought I said Anne when I said my name.  Holy fuck.  Damn.  I need to know how I’m getting to NorCal.

know that the mind does block the actual painful feelings if not the memory of the event.  Fuck, now I’m depressed.  Everything is so different with Henry.  So much less painful.  This is actually nice.

I feel like calling Laura just to interrupt her and Vidal but that would be mean.  It would be a funny joke.  God I wish I could make myself stop thinking about some things.  I’ll just replace old thoughts with new.  Better.

The summer following my second year of law school I returned to Bangkok.  The school year had gone by pretty quickly, mostly because I had been planning for the summer.  Planning for the summer included taking a Thai-language course via an adult education community program in San Francisco.

I had wanted to return to Thailand over my winter break.  I had met plenty of people the prior summer that I would have had a good time, and probably some work.  My plans to return in the winter did not involve my husband, however.  By the fall the Ex had moved up to San Francisco from LA and got a job.  Also, we couldn’t afford for both of us to go.  If I had gone over winter the Ex and I surely would have broken up – seven years before we finally did.

It was some time in the fall that the Ex found a picture of the guy I’d spent all my time with the two weeks after he left.  This was back before most anyone had digital cameras.  I had borrowed a friend’s 35mm camera and had taken a lot of photos over the summer.  The friend ended up dying; I still have the camera.

The Ex found the picture and got all sorts of angry and hurt.  He tore up the picture (which was foreshadowing of what he’d do to pictures of him and me after he caught me cheating seven years in the future) and scratched out the guy’s face in the negative.  You see, kids, cameras used to have film, from which negatives would be developed and prints would be made.

I found out that he found the damming evidence when I came home from one of my Tuesday night Thai-language courses.  He was upset and stayed, just a block away near the Great American Music Hall, with Jesús.  [Really, if you've not yet read "Smooth as Silk," about my first summer in Bangkok, you might be a little confused as to the cast of characters.  Go read it, it's pretty good.]

I remember feeling sorry he was hurt for seeing the photo, and feeling angry that he’d destroyed the photo of a guy with whom I’d had a lot of fun.  I also remember feeling like he was making a big deal out of little; I had come home to him, hadn’t I?  I could certainly love him and fuck other people, only I didn’t know it myself, and didn’t have either the self-awareness or the balls to tell him that.

After a few days of debauchery with Jesús the Ex came home.  In order to get him to do so I had to promise not to go to Bangkok over winter break and to start therapy.  I’m sure if “sex addiction” existed at the time I would have been accused of having one.  If he only knew ….

Throughout the school year I had to assure the Ex that I would not cheat on him again if I returned to Thailand in the summer.

During the school year I sent a number of letters of inquiry to law firms in Bangkok that had international business practices and that wanted to cater to English-speaking clients.  Technically non-Thais cannot practice law in Thailand.  However, since the Thai definition of “practicing law” is very narrow – arguing a case in court in Thai – it mattered little that I was not yet a lawyer in the United States, as I could never be a lawyer in Thailand.  That I was American was a major boon.

A few firms were interested, but I finally settled on a small firm with a practice in Bangkok and Paris.  The major reason I chose the firm was because the job came with an apartment.  We had stayed very inexpensively at a shitty hotel the previous summer, but I liked the idea of having a kitchen of my own and not having to worry about nosy hotel personnel.

For my birthday in 2001, the Ex gave me a Coach umbrella.  He knew how the summer rains in Bangkok were, and had seen what can happen to an ass in the rain.  [If I've not yet told the story of the Bangkok rain's effect on my ass, I will.]  But it was (and is; I still have it) a full-sized umbrella, which wasn’t very practical for traveling.  A friend drove me and the umbrella to the airport.  At the curb I realized how unwieldy the umbrella was and I asked her to return it to the Ex for safe keeping.

I was off to work in Bangkok while the Ex worked in San Francisco.

[To be continued, for sure.]

I swear.  True story.

[Another story about Jade from a very nice guest writer.]

Jason and Jade arrived at the resort late in the afternoon. The sun-bleached rounded domes of the suites looked like pale cocks sticking up into the sky.

Jade was unaware of the fact that the resort catered to adults in an “open” lifestyle. She thought it was just a place where the beaches allowed some nudity and that kids didn’t come along. She was looking forward to the quiet luxury of sunning sans her top and getting massages and spending naughty evenings alone with Jason in their suite.

Jason grinned as he glanced down below their suite at the nude blond woman with a bald pussy laying on the patio. Her legs were open and drawn up as a dark skinned man with a huge cock was kneeling between them, licking her smooth slot. Jason felt his cock tingle as he put his finger to his lips and called Jade over to see the event.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she felt herself turn red and quickly looked away.

“We have perverts right below us, Jason.  We should change rooms,” she said as she felt her nipples become erect in her shear blouse.

“Relax babe, people do that when the kids aren’t around,” Jason soothed as he felt his hard cock throbbing for Jade’s wet slot.

“Well maybe, but I sure don’t need to watch them,” she pouted as she scurried into the bathroom to change into her swim suit. 

Jason smiled and secretly hoped this couple of weeks would help bring the sex kitten in Jade out into the open. He often observed both men an women undressing his sexy wife with their eyes and he wanted Jade to feel the passion too.

As he slipped from his slacks and reached for his trunks, he rubbed his bone hard dick with his fingers. It felt so good to feel hard and want to fuck. He stepped back out on the patio and glanced down at the couple below. As he stood there stroking his cock, the woman glanced up and smiled and licked her lips. She said something to the man and he looked up from licking her pussy and nodded too. As the woman smiled she lifted her huge tan tits and offered them to Jason to come down and shoot his come on.

Jason smiled and stepped back into the suite just as Jade was coming out of the bathroom. Her top was off and her heavy suckable tit mountains were shimmering with suntan oil. She glanced at his eyes for a moment and then down at his angry cock.

“Hmmm, is that because of them?” She quizzed with that familiar pout on her cock-sucking lips.

“No babe, not completely. I was thinking of doing what they were doing with you, with them looking down and seeing your big sexy tits bouncing up and down,” he replied quickly as his cock bounced for attention.

“Hmm. I like the idea of us doing that, but not of anyone watching. No one wants to see me naked with you licking between my legs. That woman might like your big dick though,” she teased as she slipped from her swimsuit bottom and sat back on the king sized bed.

She opened her sculpted thighs and shimmered a welcome to Jason to enter her snug wet love slot. She was soaking wet from seeing the couple, but she would never tell Jason it was not all because of his lovely cock.

As Jade moved her smooth slot up and down on Jason’s cock, they watched each other in the mirror of the suite.

Jason was amazed at how Jade would get when she watched herself fuck, or even suck for that matter. It was like she was watching someone else. Or like someone else was watching her and she was performing for her.

He had asked her about it on occasion and she had resisted saying anything other than that she loved watching him fuck her mouth or cunt and that she didn’t think anything about anyone else.

As Jade was riding Jason, she saw the woman from below in her mind. She imagined she was her and that she was riding the huge dark cock of the man that she had seen licking the woman’s pussy.

Jade closed her eyes to make the other couple go away as she felt her orgasm begin to build. She felt like screaming vulgar fuck chants like the sluts in porn movies. She wanted to just go crazy and order Jason to fuck the piss out of her, but what would he think of his proper wife if she started acting like a crazed nympho?

As Jade felt her come begin, she pressed her tummy hard and let the spasms vibrate inside her as she felt Jason shoot his hot splash of sauce into her. She bucked hard and managed to moan a ladylike, “Baby, I am coming, mmmmm,” as she rose high and slipped off his cock.

As she started back down on him, his cock missed her slot and nudged her snug butt pucker then ricocheted off and spurted hot frothing spurts of jizz up over her full round ass.

Jade loved come spurting on her ass. She loved how the cream looked on her tan thighs and the fuckable loaves of her ass. Jason was always saying her ass was made for ass fucking and that someday he would love to see her ass impaled on a big hard dick.

She had made sure he knew she was not into that kind of perversion, but she did touch there sometimes when masturbating and imagined some huge black dick being forced up her ass and making her beg for more.

[Obviously this Jade chick is a tad uptight.  Let's hope she loosens up on her vacation.  To be continued ….]

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