[Continued from "Geminis, Y'All (Part 2)."]

Yes, the Gemini-fest continues.  Just think about how hot – or tepid – these folk are.


  • Kennedy, John F. (May 29):  My mother remembered where she was when she heard JFK had been shot.  I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana had died.
  • Kevorkian, Jack (May 28):  Yep, I do think people should be able to off themselves with help when they choose to do so.  I’m glad Dr. K thinks so, too.
  • Keynes, John Maynard (June 5):  Anyone who’s ever taken any sort of economics class has heard of this guy.
  • Kinnear, Greg (June 17):  He’s pretty funny.
  • Klum, Heidi (June 1):  I don’t think she’s nearly as hot as many do, but she’s hilarious when she tells people they’re “Out!”
  • LaBeouf, Shia (June 11):  He’s all young and cute.  No, I don’t have any interest in seeing any Transformers movies but Guide to Recognizing Your Saints was good.
  • Laurie, Hugh (June 11):  “House M.D.” is just damn good.  I’m one of the many who loves yet hates Gregory House.
  • Lee, Peggy (May 26):  She had “Fever.”
  • Lima, Adriana (June 12):  She can’t act, but she sure is pretty.
  • Lynde, Paul (June 13):  I loved him on tv shows when I was a kid.  My favorite was the voice of Templeton on Charlotte’s Web.
  • Manilow, Barry (June 17):  I liked his stuff when I was a kid.  And I recently fucked a guy who claimed BM was his godfather.
  • Martin, Dean (June 7):  He was good looking, had a great voice, and a drinker.  What’s not to love?
  • Mathers, Jerry (June 2):  I don’t know why, but I loved “Leave It to Beaver” when I was a kid.
  • McGinley, Ted (May 30):  I used to think he was cute.  I like how he’s put on tv shows before they fail.
  • McKellen, Ian (May 25):  I dig a distinguished gay gentleman.
  • Milk, Harvey (May 22):  I live in San Francisco.  I have to like Harvey Milk.  And people should be out of they want.
  • Miller, Christa (May 28):  I liked her on “The Drew Carey Show” and her bitchy turn on “Scrubs” was funny.
  • Miller, Wentworth (June 2):  HOT!
  • Monroe, Marilyn (June 1):  She was lucky enough to die when she was 36.
  • Murphy, Cillian (May 25):  I’m not one for eyes, but his are downright dreamy.  And his accent ….


  • Kaczynski, Ted (May 22):  Yep, he’s a nut job.  He was also a graduate student at my alma mater.
  • Kidman, Nicole (June 20):  I really hate Moulin Rouge! and she’s just one of the reasons why.
  • Kings Charles II (May 29), George III (June 4), and James I (June 19):  Not much for royalty, British or otherwise.
  • Kissinger, Henry (May 27):  I used to be more into politics.  No longer.  I’m lame.
  • Kournikova, Anna (June 7):  The only reason I’ve even heard of her is because she’s hot.
  • Lombardi, Vince (June 11):  Sports, right?
  • Lopes, Lisa (May 27):  She was nutty-boos.
  • Margulies, Julianna (June 8):  Yay, she acts.  So what?  I think she always looks kind of sad.
  • McCartney, Paul (June 18):  I don’t like Paul and I don’t like the Beatles.  There, I said it.
  • Minogue, Kylie (May 28):  I can get her out of my head.
  • Montana, Joe (June 11):  I liked him on “The Brady Bunch.”  I think he also played football here in San Francisco.
  • Morissette, Alanis (June 1):  I don’t like her music.  I hate “You Oughta Know” more than most things.  She can be funny when she acts.
  • Moussaoui, Zacarias (May 30):  Not so good to be associated with this guy.  He even shares my birthday.  Oops.
  • Myers, Mike (May 25):  He’s not funny.  Except in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

There’s more to come, of course.  Gotta get through the whole alphabet.

I swear.  True story.