What I like about my particular lover who, ah, drinks tea, is that we’ve known each other for years and he lives not far; he’s always around, and he’s a great cook. His lovers put up drywall and tend to the yard, and he cooks.

I’m often just over at his place talking about some programming language or math or something and having a bit to eat. Or, I’m walking into the kitchen to see what he’s stirring, he turns a hug into his tongue down my throat, his hands on my ass, and my feet off the ground (he’s stronger than I). This takes me by surprise, but I can get his shirt off very quickly and push him against the counter when I have that kind of cue. Last time he did this he simply took my hand and led me upstairs where he proceeded to fuck me until I couldn’t see any more. He has a gorgeous cock and comes in a flash if I suck on his nipples, but he won’t let me – he holds that off, delays me until he gets me off…we battle over our agenda of getting the other to come first.

It’s rather cute. He’s from the south. Can turn on a great accent.

[This lovely bit was from a guest writer who sought me out, but not to be a guest writer here.  Nonetheless, this tidbit got me wet and I had to ask his permission to please let me share with y'all.  I wouldn't mind watching, not at all.]