[This little gem from @SingleDad42.]

Could I interest you in having two beautiful women restrain you while a group of nameless men with thick hard cocks used every one of your holes?  Fucking your face, spitting on you, slapping you with their cocks, pounding your cunt and ass, getting you to beg for their cum as they finally shot their loads all over your face and tits?

As you lay there used, bruised, covered in cum, and totally satisfied with your slutty behaviour that’s when I’d come out from the shadows and have my fun with you.

I’d get the girls to tie you spread eagle on a bed.  Once you were properly restrained with your head laying off of the bed I would order the guys to fuck the girls just inches from your face. You’d see cock after cock stretching their wet pussies, hear the room filled with the groans of the guys and the girls as they cum time and time again. I would be stroking your clit bringing you close to orgasm but stopping just as it’s about to rip through your body. You can smell their cum-filled pussies so close to your face. My touch plus the smell is driving you crazy.

You are begging me to let you cum. I order the girls to take turns sitting on your face. With one hand they pull your face deep into their cunts and with the other, part their newly-fucked lips. This allows the fresh cum to cascade out and down your throat. You can’t move as you are forced to eat their cum-filled pussies and they both cum hard all over your face.

All the guys are rock hard again as they watch this amazing sight. I tell you what a good little slut you are as I force my stiff thick cock deep inside your cum-filled ass.

I can see the cum, spit, and pussy juices glisten all over your body and push my cock farther inside you.

As I pound away at your ass the first guy steps forward and pushes his cock all they way down your throat. You gag and we laugh at you and tell you to take it all. All around you, you see men stroking their cocks and the girls fucking each other. The room is full of the smell of sex as I take my cock from your ass. It is covered in other men’s cum and your ass juices. I order the man to remove his cock from your throat and hear you groan as he does so.

The girls now move round and one eats your swollen ass as the other eats your bruised pussy.

The precum is oozing from the tip of my cock as I inch it towards your mouth. You are begging me to fuck your mouth, pleading with the girls not to stop, telling the guys you need more cum and that’s when I slap you and tell you to stop your whining.

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