8:26 pm

Today has been a fine day.  I really do feel as if anything could happen and it would be cool with me.  I said something at lunch like I was worth it and Erica sort of went off on my new ego.  Hell, I deserve it.  But people should stop telling me because my head’s probably going to explode soon.  Just kidding.  Last night Shannon said she wanted to be me for a week.  Because a day would be too short to figure out what’s going on inside my head.  If she could figure out what’s going on inside my head in a week, “I’ll eat a bug.”  (Quote from Cal Worthington, used car salesman extrodinaire [sic].)  So, anyway Erica said today that that kind of bothered her.  Yesterday I went to Amy’s after school and we talked a lot — about how much alike we are in giving and how those to whom we give don’t really appreciate it.  And love — how words are easy to say but feelings tend to change rather quickly.  Today I went to wait for my cute little tweenkie [sic] and Erica was on hers and she said howdy.  Anyway, I was taling to her and she acted goofy.  Like she was drunk and really weird when I mentioned Amy’s name.  Maybe I’m just paranoid — maybe not — but I’m going to ask Erica tonight if she would do something with Amy if the situation arose.  She does have a conscience so if she feels at all guilty, she’ll tell me if anything has gone on.  Well, I was thinking the same thing when I was over at her house but I didn’t act on it.  What really irritates me is that Amy and Erica are so mean to Shannon — not to her face or anything but they think bad things.  Shannon is such a good person inside, why should it matter what she looks like?  She would do anything for a friend and even goes as far to worry herself about others’ problems.  Today Mr. H told me I’m politically schizophrenic.  Well, that made me quite estatic [sic], let me tell you.  It’s because I’m neither liberal nor conservative.  Oh well, I guess I can live.  But now I don’t know what to register as.  He said I’d be a good candidate for a Libertarian position.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

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