[Continued from "Another Experience (Part 1)" by M_Hunt.]

As time further went on, I chatted to some more guys, sent some pics, indulged in a little phone sex, met a few people and indulged in some oral pleasure but nothing more than that. Until last week ….

My work is boring and with that in mind, I spend a lot of time on the internet. It’s never got me into any trouble, no one has ever said anything to me about the sites that I look at, the fact that I’m logged into god-knows-what at anytime, and that I have the Gaydar messenger client running constantly.  It allows me many an avenue of escape from the work I have, that would have to be otherwise filled up with … well, work!

I had recently started a new profile on Gaydar, deleted my old one, changed my pics, and written the following about myself:

Hate writing these but here goes…35 year old guy looking for simliar to join me for some mutual fun…. watching porn, sucking, fucking…. you know… :-)

Looking for a daytime meet during the week….anytime is good but with fair warning.

Hung, fun and willing…. Someone that will turn up and not make plans and then drop out…

I’m just looking for some fun, no strings, can’t always accom but can travel. Would like to meet someone to play with, oral, anal, lots of kissing and maybe take some horny pics…

Interested… let me know!

New to all this so someone/some-ones with a nice cock to take it slow with me would be ideal….

Any guys who just want to chat are welcome too.

Nothing special, nothing amazing, but it worked.  I started getting messages from a guy who lived a few miles down the road from where I worked, a short walk in fact.  We did the usual back and forth, and one day last week he texted me and we arranged to meet. As usual I pondered, posted on Twitter asking whether I should go and meet the guy.  ShazamSF responded and told me to go.  Taking her advice, I did.

I took a stroll down the road from my office, and 5 minutes later I neared his house. I hovered outside and around the corner for a while, thinking about what was going to happen and I looked at some of the pics that he had sent me on my phone and felt myself start to get hard.  I figured, why not.  I walked up-to the front door and knocked.

He opened the door, and looked just like his photo he had sent. He smiled at me and beckoned me inside. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I couldn’t help but glance down at his groin to see a nice looking bulge. We went into the living room and exchanged the usual small talk, looked about his living room, commented on the things that were there.  All the while, the usual conversation was going through my head, did I want this, what was I doing, it’s time to leave.

An uncomfortable silence entered the room, and with him sitting next to me, I swear I was about to stand up and make my excuses when he leant over and kissed me.  And that was it.  None of the other guys I had met had kissed me, or had told me that they didn’t do that.  This guy had none of that and feeling his lips on mine was really all it took.

Our tongues playfully darted in and out of each others’ mouths. He placed his hands on either side of my face and pulled me closer, pressing his lips harder onto mine. We broke from kissing and undressed quickly.  I was in my work clothes so my shirt and trousers fell to the floor and I swiftly pulled off my boxers and socks til I stood naked in front of him, my cock stiffening as I took in the sight before me.

Now, the guy I was naked in front of had also removed all his clothes and he stood naked in front of me.  However, he looked far better than I did:  Slimmer, fitter, well toned; he looked amazing. More than that, his cock swung impressively between his legs. In comparison I don’t think he was as large as the previous guy, but that really didn’t matter as I knelt down before him and took hold of his cock and began sucking.

Looking up at him I watched his expression change as his cock filled my mouth and began getting harder and harder the more I sucked on it. I alternated between licking up and down his huge length and sucking on his slowly tightening balls. My lips closed around the head of his cock and sucked hard, which he seemed to like, especially when I ran my fist up and down his shaft at the same time.

He grew harder and harder as I sucked him.  It took both my hands to effectively rub him up and down and still I could have done with another to help me take it all in my hands at the same time. I had the same trouble taking all his cock in my mouth, and found myself gagging as he began thrusting his hips back and forth, forcing it deeper in.

He grunted with each thrust, and started moaning to me to suck him, suck his big cock harder like the cock sucker I was. Hearing this and having his cock in my mouth made me harder and harder and I reached down and began wanking my own cock at the same time.

I stopped wanking his cock and reached round with my other hand, grabbing hold of his arse, squeezing tight and pulling it open. I moved my fingers in between his arse cheeks and slowly found his arsehole, and placed my finger over it. Pressing gently I began to work my finger inside, and he began pushing back on me and thrusting forward again so in one stroke my finger slid slowly deeper into his arse and in the other his cock pushed further into my mouth.

I stood and pulled him close for another kiss.  I felt his hands reach out and take hold of my cock and begin pulling at me. My hands were still on his cock and we began tugging and pulling at each others’ cocks. Slapping them back and forth over each other and stroking each other.

His fist clasped hard around my cock and he dropped to his knees and began sucking me. It wasn’t the best blow job I had ever had (that’s another story) but the feel of a guy’s mouth around my cock, and looking down seeing him with his huge cock swinging each and every time he leant in for a hard suck on me, kept me hard and inching ever closer to coming.

As if he sensed this, he rose and roughly turned me around and bent me over so that I was leant over his sofa, with my arse in the air. I felt him bend down to his knees again, and suddenly I felt something wet against my arse. His tongue began licking me up and down, around my arsehole, making me wet, pressing deep, slipping inside me. His hands holding my arse cheeks wide, he licked me and I pushed back, letting him know that this was something that I was really enjoying.

After a while of this, he stood and I looked back over my shoulder to see him reach onto a shelf and take out a condom.  Unwrapping it, he looked at me and said something surprising, “Are you ready?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded. Thinking back, there was no hesitation on my part at this point, nothing inside my head saying that I should leave, only a desire to have my arse pounded by this guy’s cock.

I stayed where I was, opening my legs slightly wider and felt his fingers on me. A finger slid inside my arsehole, it worked itself deeper inside, feeling amazing and whilst it was inside me I began to feel the tip of his cock pressing against me also. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into me, pulling out his finger at the same time so that the space taken by his finger was now taken up with his cock. His cock being one hell of a lot thicker than his finger, I felt my arse stretching to take it and accept it as he slowly began rocking back and forth pushing it slowly inside me.

I remember thinking there was no way I was going to be able to take the whole of his cock inside me in between feeling him fuck me and my arse widen with each slow thrust. He put his hands on my shoulders and began pulling me back onto him, slowly but surely we got into a rhythm with him slowly pushing in and out of me, my arse clasping tightly around his enormous cock and me beginning to groan and moan as he fucked me.

It shot through my head, he was fucking me. This guy with his massive cock, whom I had spoken to once or twice and only just met, was forcing his cock deeper and deeper into me. He was pushing into me faster and feeling thicker and thicker with each thrust. He began groaning deeper with each thrust and I propped myself up on one hand and reached down to my cock to stroke myself whilst he continued.

I barely had time to touch my cock, and feel how incredibly hard it was, before an intense orgasm raced through my body and I came. My cum shot out of my cock all in front of me, landing luckily mainly on the floor and only a little on his sofa.

My orgasm made the muscles in my arse tighten further–it was indescribable and had the effect that it made my guy begin to come also. I felt his cock stiffen further as he held my shoulders tight and thrust into me faster and faster, further and further, and then with an enormous grunt and powerful push I felt him coming. His cock pulsed and expanded inside me as I felt his condom fill with his cum. He cried out very loudly as it continued and my own cock, still engorged and hard bucked and twitched with each pulse of his cock.

For a second we stayed there, his cock in me, until he gently pulled himself out. I felt empty when he had done so, and turned and sat on his sofa. It was the single best orgasm I have ever experienced, and for hours after I could still feel him inside me, I could still remember the feeling of him coming inside me.

As I said before, if you are a guy and never have done, you really should try it.

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