[This is a fucking hot, pussy-soaking story from guest writer, ramona valentine.  You'll want to find more of her dirty.]

Pronunciation: ‘sA-”di-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from Marquis de Sade
1 : a sexual perversion in which gratification is obtained by the infliction of physical or mental pain on others (as on a love object)

he made me wait.
not at home…he was there before i was ready to go…
he made me wait to kiss him.
just coming off the ‘nice guy’ trip…i thought we would be making out.
i was wrong. i tried to kiss him. he refused. wouldn’t kiss me, still touched me, sat next to me, just wouldn’t give me what i wanted. at all.
i love that. always keep em guessin’
this usually works with me…i willingly go along with that one. i prefer it.
my attention span is short…and i bore easily.

we had a conversation wherein he gave the exact definition of ‘crimes of passion’
fright gets me wet
then he let me climb on top of him
i was so ready to just be on him
he lifted up my skirt and stuck his finger directly on the best most sensitive part of my pussy… and just stared at me.
my mind was spinning.
this was our first contact!! sticking his hand in my panties and immediately touching the one place that makes me wet beyond belief.?…

and when i took it just a little too far,and tried to kiss him
he picked me up and put me in another seat. and left the room.

he asked me what i wanted.
i asked him to shave for me
he asked me to barter for it
‘i’ll totally give you a blowjob’
‘you were going to do that anyway.’
i said the one thing i shouldn’t have
:::i won’t anal:::
telling the sadist what you won’t do is the fucking dumbest thing you can do…
quite a few times i had no idea what was about to happen with him…or what i wanted to happen…
he made me want him though
i really want him
crave it
i get wet with anticipation

he walked around and turned things off, shut windows, did this whole methodical routine.
it was slightly unnerving and incredibly sexy.
no one could see me there and no one would hear me scream.

he came back and stood over me.
my head was back..i reached up and felt his hard cock in my hand. i wanted moremoremore
i undid his belt and he undid his pants….
his cock was out and i swear-just for a second i thought he was going to pee on me.
straight down my face and chest…
i don’t know how much i would have minded.
i beg for it with this fucker.

he shoved my mouth over his cock
i tasted pussy
not my pussy…
some pussy was there before me…
not at all surprised. nothing shocking.
i wondered if he did it on purpose…
he’s methodical.
i want him to hit me. i want to wear those marks.
he put his cock in my mouth. i wanted more.i want to just suck his cock. i love it.
the way it fills my mouth and i can’t get all of it in there….the way i have it shoved down my throat and have no air…please let me.please you.
i gave him a blowjob while leaning over the sofa
he choked me and gave me every indication that this was not about being a nice guy.
thank you.

he quickly got behind me and fucked me soo fucking hard
just for a minute.just long enough to make me scream and hope it never stops.
then it does.always.
he made me blow him some more
lick myself off his cock
we made our way into his room.

more windows shut-lights turned off-doors shut-blinds shut
he took off my panties and his clothes….he was wearing a van halen t-shirt…
soo hot…
let me climb on top of him
ride him… grind my pussy all over him  fuck him  scream for him
i love that.
[every girl loves a dirty cowboy] or would it be [save a horse, ride a cowboy]

then he just got up and walked out.
went into the bathroom and started some water and then asked me to come there
‘what am i doing?’
i heard the taptaptap of the razor on the sink
‘haaayou’re shaving..’ my pussy is dripping at the thought
i grab the door and it’s locked.
of course.
‘you’re shaving with the door locked’
he opened it. i walked into his trap…
i took a seat with my leg up so i could masturbate…my hand was immediately all over my super wet pussy…my eyes glued on that fucker shaving for me.
shaving for me
fuck. you have no idea.
the hottest fantasies i have.
he gave me what i always want.
boom.what i always want.what i want every guy to do…ever
i watched him. his hands. the taptaptap. the way he has the water on. the faces he makes. the way he looked at himself. his hands. his body. his cock, but only for a second, because i didn’t want to miss his hand dragging the razor over the neck or the chin, or right above his lip…oh my fucking god, was this even happening? i could watch this for hours…i swear it seemed like it lasted 5 seconds. his body- his ritual- his hands over his face- his way that it works for him
the taptaptap of the razor
water over his face.cleaning up the shaving cream, the ears, the final look in the mirror.
towel dry.
writing this now i had to stop…
let myself have that all over again.
::::here comes the best part::::
the smell of a man’s face after he shaves makes me want to fucking blow him for a week.

he led me back into his room
i want him to fuck me now here harderharder faster moremore
i climb on him smell him
kiss him
his mouth is soft and kissing him gives me the complete misconception about the situation, this is not soft…he is not a soft guy.
that fucking smell.
hands in my pussy
fucking me
letting me ride him
taking off all my clothes.
our first time totally and completely naked with eachother.
home base.

i blew him. i love to blow him.
he choked me he throttled my throat and completely took my air away
he plugged my nose and talked dirty to me as he choked me and took away every breath
asking me if i liked it telling me how fucking good it felt to have his dick in my throat
he hit me and i asked for more.please more.
he slapped me across the face quite hard.
his palm always landing squarely on my jaw.thud.

he was fucking me from behind in a very deep intense position
penetrating me
his hand reaching down and touching my ass
my breathing quickens. my mind races.
he is going anal
and i’m the one that is truly not anal
[...confession...which is why the only guys that i have let anal are the ones i have fucked any way they want.
there are 4...and half are only a finger, not even their cock.]
he grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto him…onto his finger in my ass. my pussy soo wet. so fucking hot. his touch his cock his mouth on my ear biting…pulling my hair…pushing my boundaries.a little more and then a little more still.
‘kiss me’
i do. he pushes his finger farther.his dick harder.
i wince and slightly pull away
‘smell me’ rubbing that freshly shaven face over my neck and face
from behind…’kiss me..can you smell my face?’ said so hot into my ear..so hot. so behind me with all of me on him his fingers and cock in me…
i smell him.shaving cream.man.soft kisses and his finger in my ass.
oh my fucking god
you can have whatever you want.i would give anything to feel like this with every guy.
complete submission.
he pulls me soo hard down on him against him the feeling of his cock
oh fuck

he tosses me over him by my hair.
puts me on his face.
riding his face
hands in me
biting me so hard in the ditch between thigh and pussy, trying to pull away from him– his finger is up my ass.
biting me soo hard
fingertip slipping with ease into my ass
fingers deep in my pussy
licking me
biting me
i am writhing all over his face and slipping in and over his hand…
tricky guy.having his fingertip in my ass. forcing me to choose between being bitten soo hard or having it there…
fuck me.
he hits me. please can i have more.
please. hit me again. he does. more please. one more.
so hard.

he flips me over and shoves his cock in my mouth
my hands are wet and i am just rubbing his cock and taking as much as i can in my mouth
he is still teasing my ass with his fingers and then starts putting 3 fingers in my pussy
the pressure. the feeling. i am sucking on his balls and wanting to make him cum in my mouth…please.
my hand feeling every inch squeezing it into my mouth
sucking on his balls
pushing my pussy over his face soo hard…his fingers being forced into me.

‘quit rubbing the head of my dick…i don’t wanna cum yet’
i stop.
it feels like he is going to fist me. the pressure and the ecstasy.
he pulls a flip-
he’s on top of me in an instant. fucking me hard and making me scream.
soo hard. his cock fills me up and makes me fucking want more.
crave it.
i was soo wet for him and i wanted to make him cum so bad…
he did. loud. hard. intense.

oh fuck
so hot
so good
all over me..i wanted to taste him
so fucking hot
so wet and good….
complete submission on a sunday evening