Oregon Hippie

Oregon Hippie was in town for some sort of green food convention in late January 2008.  I found him through Craig’s List.  He was lamenting that San Francisco’s ladies didn’t appear to be all that welcoming.  I invited him over because via email he had complained that he had never had anal sex and didn’t think he had ever had a good blow job.  Of course I took those little bits of information as a challenge.  He arrived with a bottle of wine and we chit-chatted while drinking it.  He had shoulder-length curly hair, and a nice face.  At the time I knew his age, but now I’d guess he was in his mid- to late-20s.

We eventually went to the bedroom where I discovered that he had some of the softest skin I’ve ever touched.  And a HUGE cock.  HUGE.  I figured out why he’d not been able to use that tool in anyone’s ass and why blow jobs weren’t so easy.

I wrote to Army Guy about Oregon Hippie:

“But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get fucked last night.  It was a very nice guy from Portland.  May just be the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked.  I’m such a cliched size queen but it just felt so good to have a good thick cock fill me.  Poor guy said he’s never gotten a really good blow job and never had anal sex because he’s so big.  I tried to help with the blow job thing.  I sucked his cock and then I laid down and he fucked my mouth and came in it.  I really do like swallowing come.  Really.  And there’s something so nasty and primal I really like about getting my mouth fucked.  He fucked me in my pussy from the front including with my legs up on his shoulders (this I love) and then flipped me over and fucked me from behind with my face in the pillows (you should know by now how I feel about this).  Finally, he came on my face.”

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