[Continued from Dick Cramden's "First Date (Part 3)."]

Then you heard the sound of a zipper, the sound of fabric moving.  And you could sense that I had returned to the bed.  I was close to you again.  Very close.

Your lips were pursed, slightly open.  You were sexy as hell.

No longer able to wait, I placed the shaft of my wanting cock gently across your lips.  Your tongue caressed me.  Then you turned your head and took me into your mouth, tasting the sweet precome that had been building up and oozing out of me for the longest time.  You could only move your head a little so my hips had to do some of the work too, with slow strokes.  You took me deep into your mouth.  I could feel an orgasm begin to well up inside me.

So I stopped.

You felt me get off the bed.

A moment later, I climbed onto the bed between your legs.

You felt the heat of my body hovering over you.

Then you felt the head of my cock.  It was between your pussy lips, but stopped short from being inside you.

“Do you want me inside you?” I asked.

“Yes,” you moaned.

“Then tell me,” I insisted.

“I want you inside me.”

Your hips raised up, trying to get me to slip into you, but I pulled back, leaving my head at the opening of your hot, wet pussy.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes.  I want you to fuck me,” you moaned.

“Ask nicely.”

“Please fuck me.  Please.  I want you to fuck me.”

I kissed you. Hard.  Full on the lips.  I fucked your mouth with my tongue and you did the same to me.  Then I stopped.  “I will.  Later.”

And I climbed off of you.  I climbed off the bed.

You heard me go into that bag again.

In the candlelight I could see your breathing was heavy.  I wondered if I was crazy.  Why didn’t I have my body wrapped around yours?  Why wasn’t I inside you?

The massage oil was cold when it hit your upper left thigh, making a line down your thigh, over your knee, and down to your foot.  I started to rub it into your skin; massaged the muscles of your slender leg.

Your leg glistened in the light from the candles.  The smell was intoxicating: jasmine, sandalwood, rosewood, ylang-ylang, and lavender aromas filled the air, mixing with the music and the lust already in the room.

I massaged the sole of your foot, nibbling on your toes as I went.

The massage oil next spilled on your tits.  I massaged them thoroughly.  The sensations of supple and slick beneath my hands was amazing.  So was the writhing of your hips as I touched your tits.  So were your soft moans.

From your tits I worked my way to your shoulders.  I could tell you were completely relaxed, as I sensed no tension at all.

I gently started to massage your neck, rubbing my thumbs over your throat.  In a different situation that might have seemed threatening.  But you trusted me completely.

I gave each arm the same rub down I gave your leg.  I sucked on each finger and thumb as I massaged your hands and wrists.

I worked on your tummy and your torso next, letting my hands slide beneath you to coat your back with the oil too.

Finally, I moved on to your right leg ….

[To be continued ….]