10:15 AM

I don’t think the Salem Witch Trials were very cool.  I just have to see Erica and I get flustered.  This morning, earlier, she was in my first period class and said hello.  I said hello too, but I also felt like melting.  I just want to spent time with her.  Last night I thought [Step-Mother] was listening in on my phone conversation so every time Erica would say something about me being turned on I would say I had to go.

12:26 PM

Seana has the phone number of a guy in Roseville who does tattoos and will do ours if we say Tammy Voss sent us.  So he’ll be able to do the lips and/or the knife that Kristin’s designing.  So he’ll do it even if we’re minors.  That would be so cool.  I just have to get a ride there and get the money.  I have to call today after two today to ask about prices and designs, etc.  Oooh, I’m excited.  But if I get one down my let, it might be quite visible in shorts or short skirts.  But I do want to get it and hope it won’t get kicked out of the house for doing so.

10:30 pM

Got off the phone early to be a good kid.  Erica cam over today after school so she could “work on her econ.”  Well she sure didn’t get very much done.  anyway, when she was over, DJ called and [Step-Sister] was changing and I said something like, “Put your clothes on, Erica might attack you.”  She didn’t tell me ’til later on the phone that that had bothered her.  She said it was uncalled for and wanted to know why I said it.  Well, gee, I don’t know why I said it bu now I feel really bad.  [Step-Mother] is coughing up a lung and I think she’s going to die, but I doubt it.  I should go to bed ’cause otherwise I’m gonna be quite tired in the morning and I won’t know what to wear.  I want to call my honey back again.  But I wouldn’t want to get in trouble, now would I?  Want to cut my hair, think I’ll do it tomorrow.  I want to buy some Kama Sutra Oil for Erica’s back too.  What am I going to do for the weekend without Erica?  I think I might die or something.  Well, I won’t but I sure am gonna miss her.  She’ll probably go see Juree and screw her brains out.  Actually, now when she talks about Juree I don’t get quite so jealous as I used to.  But today she was telling me how much they have in common and that they’re the same person.  But they’re not and I know that.  She says I’m more affectionate that anyone she’s ever been with, which is good.  I want to be different, new, exciting, strange, weird to her.  I want everything we do to be a learning, exploring experience for her.  So far I’ve done something no one else has ever done in bed and I want to keep exploring new territory.  I want to be a mortician.  They get paid a lot, I’m sure I would have the oppourtunity for travel, and I don’t get grossed out easily.  It’s not as if the business will ever become obsolete or anything so I don’t have to worry about that too much.  I think Krystle knows, or at least has a pretty good clue.  Oh well.  I’m very close to graduation and then I can do whatever I want.  I want to live in an apartment with Erica n LA but she said yuck that the city’s too big and has too much pollution.  I’ll convince her eventually, maybe.  It would be just too cute.  DJ says her latest is gorgeous.  She has red hair, pierced nose, plays guitar, into metal, 23 ans, a “legal Suzanne” as the Deej puts it.  I’m happy for her.  I asked if she was better than mine and she said there was no competition.  But then she’s biased.  Am I am too.  My honey is so cute.  She’s got little freckles so light and sparse that I have to concentrate to see them but they’re there.  And when she gets embarrassed is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  And when the crooked eye brows attempt to knit together.  And that butt.  It is the butt closest to perfect I have ever seen, or felt.  It’s got the little indentations on the sides.  Nice stomach, flat, smooth, lickable.  Long, lean thighs.  Very nice cleavage, even though she would rather have it that she didn’t have any.  It feels good just to run my fingers down her chest ….  Anyway,  she also has a nice back even though the soft smooth skin is getting beat up by yours truly.  Hey, she likes it and I need to have some way to release the stressing pressure of sex.  I have got to get to bed.

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