Time for another contest, kids. And this coordinates nicely with the Everything Butt Logo Look-Alike Contest on Kink.com.

Just like my last contest, I would like y’all to comment with euphemistic names for naughty bits. This time I want your favorite words/phrases for the ass and asshole and–very important–WHY you like that particular word/phrase. I want to know how your nasty little minds work.

The Random Rim Jobs Ass By Any Other Name contest will be open until Friday, July 31, 2009. Multiple entries are welcome. I will make my final decision by Friday, August 7, 2009. The winner gets the glory of a pretty post with his/her filthy words highlighted, and a dirty picture of me. The winner will be determined solely by me, for reasons I may or may not disclose.

For the Everything Butt contest, go to http://bit.ly/tYKOr to vote for the photograph that most closely resembles the Everything Butt logo. I think mine (No. 6) looks the closest, but I am a tad biased. The rules for voting, etc., are provided there.