I’m watching a fairly lame movie called Tattoo.  Before this I watched Hellraiser.  That was good.  It had hellish modern primitives.  This tattoo movie has a guy who kidnapped this chick and tattooed her whole body with flowers and birds and crap.  Then they were having sex, she grabbed the needle an killed him.  It made no sense Photo 39and gave me no tattoo ideas.  I want an Egyptian eye on  my ankle and Rocky Horror lips on my butt but up high towards my hip.  I’m not sure if I want it to say “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the bloody letters below it or not.  But I also like the Fright Night II poster–I’ll have to get it–it’s all white with really neat eyes and a mouth with red lips and fangs.  That would look really cool on my upper buttock.  I’m getting really worried about the lumps on the left side of my neck under my skin.  No one will take me to the doctor for anything like the lumps or my irregular periods or my bad cold so now I’m getting worried.  What if I’m dying?  What if I have cancer?  I don’t want to die.  I want to live.  I’m young.  I have a lot to do before I go.  I still have to have an orgasm, enjoy sex with a man, enjoy it more than I have this far a woman, travel all over the world–see China, Japan, Egypt, England, France everything.

Anyway, back to Erica.  Saturday we went to Melrose.  While people watching saw some chick with short, bleach-blonde hair an I told Erica to look and she almost delivered a baby then and there.  She was having a hernia saying she should have followed her.  I told her to do it.  (I always tell people to do what they want to on a whim because I think that’s what’s good for them even if I don’t want them to do it myself.)  So she actually followed her.  And was gone for quite a while.  I began to imagine they had gone off and had sex somewhere.  Then I started thinking about AIDS.  Then a guy came up to me with a bunch of jewelry and sold me an anklet.  Then Erica came back and told me what happened.  The chick asked if she was following her and then told that she was cute but too young.  So Erica gave up.  She had a perfect opportunity and she gave up.  But I’m sort of glad she did.  So Saturday night we got into a cute water bottle squirting fight.